How To Use THX Spatial Audio on the Zmbizi Phone

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Activate THX Spatial Audio in One Step

To enable THX Spatial Audio on your Zmbizi device simply connect your headphones, open the THX app and turn on “spatial audio.” The app and technology come pre-installed and will be available on the home screen once the user has signed up for a ZmBIZI account, no set-up or purchases required. Once turned on, any content you listen to over headphones will be in THX Spatial Audio. To turn it off, head back to the app and select “stereo.” You’ll also see custom EQ and content settings you can select to further tailor the THX Spatial Audio experience.

Note: audio received via the phone’s network carrier (i.e. phone calls) will not be processed in spatial audio.


Personalize Your Entertainment

ZmBIZI takes spatial audio immersion one step further with THX Personal HRTF. A Head Related Transfer Function, or HRTF, is a filter that optimizes audio playback based on physical hearing anatomy. With a simple photo of your ear, THX Personal HRTF can simulate the changes your ears and head make to sound waves in the real world to create a more true-to-life listening experience within a pair of headphones.

Creating a THX Personal HRTF profile on your ZmBIZI device takes only a few minutes. Within the THX Spatial Audio app, select the Personalization tab and follow the prompts to capture an image of your right ear. Click submit when finished and your HRTF will be complete in 30 seconds or less. After completion your personal HRTF will be used automatically when THX Spatial Audio is activated. You can also toggle it off as desired within the personalization tab to return to the generic THX Spatial Audio HRTF.

Deeper Immersion and Incredible Realism

BENEFITS for Music Listening

  • Hear greater detail in the entertainment you love
  • Get in the middle of your content
  • Control what you want to hear with customizable settings

Hear it in Action

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