ZENE and THX announce a New THX® Certified Private Cinema Program in China 

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Guangzhou, March 31, 2023 – ZENE AV, which is deeply engaged in the AV (audio-video) intelligent customization and installation industry, and THX, famous for its global leading industry standard for cinemas and consumer electronics high-fidelity certification, announced its strategic partnership at the 2023 Guangzhou International Audio Record Exhibition. This cooperation aims to improve the quality of home cinemas through THX® Certification throughout China. 

This cooperation is an embodiment of ZENE’s commitment to spreading high-quality lifestyle concepts to home theater enthusiasts. It also demonstrates the strong combination of ZENE and THX, and both companies’ commitment to promoting the development of the home theater market in China. The partnership leverages both companies’ pro-audio and video expertise to better meet consumers’ needs for high-quality entertainment experiences and injecting vitality into the home theater market. 

As a company that represents world-class audio-video fidelity standards, THX remains committed to bringing the best theater, music, and gaming experiences to homes. THX has established the standards and room size specifications for the acoustics, sound system design, and image quality of the theater to ensure audiences are fully immersed in the world of the movie as close as possible to how the filmmaker intended a movie to be enjoyed. 

As an advocate of video and audio quality in China, ZENE is committed to promoting high-quality entertainment concepts for users, mainly undertaking private cinemas and all-house intelligent projects of villas and clubs. ZENE does not simply sell products to end users but customizes the overall solution of private audio and video entertainment and all-home intelligence for customers. From program design, product selection, installation and commissioning, to user training, maintenance, and system upgrading, ZENE provides comprehensive services to create a convenient, personalized and intelligent audio and video entertainment experience for customers. Now, partnering with THX, ZENE can bring another important toolset to this mission. 

Mr. Gong, General Manager of ZENE AV, said: “ZENE and THX share a common goal of providing the best viewing experience for the audiences. ZENE will contribute to the home theater market with a good user base and advanced technology and bring high-quality movie experience to more consumers. We believe the cooperation between ZENE and THX will further promote the development of the home theater industry and improve the strength and overall scale of the industry throughout China.” 

Mr. Wu Hao, General Manager of THX China, said: “We are pleased to establish this relationship with ZENE to bring more immersive and personalized cinematic experience to domestic movie and video fans across the country. Both THX and ZENE are industry leaders who are deeply committed to technology. We believe that this cooperation will help to provide an excellent audio and video entertainment experience for home theater audiences.” 

ZENE will work closely with THX, including but not limited to THX Certification. THX Certification for home cinemas is an engineering-based program that evaluates the performance of home theater equipment and components in a standardized and systematic manner based THX’s 40 years of industry experience. The THX Certification process includes the structural analysis of the theater building, the verification of sound and picture equipment, and the overall configuration and commissioning of the playback system. As a result, the audience in the seats can enjoy the most carefully calibrated sound and picture quality, further authenticating the movie experience.  

ZENE and THX officially announced their cooperation in the home theater business, which will provide related services for home theater projects. In addition to THX Certification, including the addition of they will provide more flexible choices for integrators, videophiles, and audiophiles while pursuing quality. In addition, to better ensure the transparency of the design process and the final quality of the cinema, THX will also expand the online process management function, and accurately control each project through in-depth cooperation with dealers and integrators. ZENE and THX plan to further improve the home theater industry through scientific project process management and joint efforts of all links in the industry chain. 

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