THX Live! Certification Program to Debut at BEYONCÉ’S Formation World Tour

THX Graphic
THX Provides Optimization of Concert Audio Systems to Ensure the Highest Quality Live Acoustic Experiences PRESS ALERT – San Francisco, CA – February 7, 2016 WHAT: THX continues its 33-year history of helping artists truthfully deliver their vision to audiences with the launch of a new live-entertainment certification program, THX® Live! Through assessment, optimization, and certification of concert audio systems, the program will ensure concert-goers get the best acoustic experience possible at any large-venue event. THX Live! is set to make its debut at Beyoncé’s upcoming Formation World Tour, kicking off in April 2016. “For nearly 33 years THX has been helping artists share their craft with consumers. We deliver their message through their medium of choice: performance, music, video and film. We strive to make certain that technology doesn’t stand in the way. THX Live! is a program that helps us achieve this goal and we’re honored to debut it with Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour” said Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO of THX. Click here for the official Beyoncé The Formation World Tour announcement. About THX Live!: THX Live! is a live-entertainment certification program in which THX engineers review the audio system configuration of top performers and look for opportunities for acoustic optimization. THX reports their findings and works with the performer’s sound engineers to identify solutions to audio problems and areas for improvement. The system is then calibrated according to THX best-in-class acoustic recommendations. About THX: Founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas in 1983, THX and their partners provide premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, in the home and on the go. THX develops audio-video and environmental designs, technologies, products and specifications to ensure an artist’s vision is truthfully delivered to audiences worldwide. For more information on THX please visit Media Contacts: Allied Integrated Marketing Ginger Chan / Vice President, National Publicity/ [email protected] Nyrie McKenzie/ Publicist – NY / [email protected]