SensaSound Presents THX Home Theatre at Macao International High-End HiFi Show

THX Graphic
Macao, October 19, 2017: For the first Macao International High-End HiFi Show, AVSTYLE will present its THX Scalable Home Theatre program with the setup of a 7.1 channel system, which uses SensaSound’s new THX Ultra Certified TP900 Series as the main channel speakers. This is designed to achieve a cinema-like experience in various-sized rooms. The THX Ultra Certified TP900 series was designed by Vance Dickason, widely recognized as the father of modern speaker design. Complimenting the master’s decades of design expertise, THX offered consulting and recommendations for optimization, which included hundreds of tests. The final set of products passed one of the world’s most stringent standards, the THX Ultra Certification, delivering the artist’s true intent. At the event, you will learn more about the unique delight of SensaSound’s new TP900 series, immersing you in the true charm of Hollywood. In addition to the full range of the THX Ultra Certified TP900 series, SensaSound will exhibit its other lines of THX Certified products. You can visit SensaSound USA at the 1202 exhibition hall.