For further information, you can find the TASA Standard Technical Document on the official TASA website.
A Blind Trailer Check ensures compliance by measuring the trailers that are sent to the theaters to check against the certified measurements. BY participating in the TASA program, studios grant THX the ability to randomly check trailers of theatrically distributed DCPs.
Trailers that are non-compliant (exceed the upper limit) will need to be adjusted and resubmitted with a new form. An email will be sent to the client and MPAA notifying them of the trailer and its measurement. The revised trailer will be measured with a reduced retest fee of $300.
When a trailer is certified, a certification notice is sent via email to you and the MPAA simultaneously, along with a Certification Number. Once received, that mix is compliant and certified. No further action or documentation is needed.What about minor changes to the trailer?A TASA certification certifies the audio mix made on that date. If […]
The current TASA upper limit is 85 LeqM measured on a TASA approved meter. 
Leqm measures decibels averaged over time with a weighting curve that is more sensitive to annoyance frequencies: breaking glass, explosions, and other piercing sounds. This allows for trailers to have loud explosions with enough quiet parts to balance it out so as not to fatigue or annoy the audience. TASA approved LeqM meters: Atmos, 7.1, […]
The fee for TASA Certification is $600 for standard audio trailers, and $800 for immersive audio formats such as Atmos.
The maximum turnaround from receipt of completed TASA form and trailer files is 24hrs, excluding holidays and weekends. If a trailer is received by 4pm, it is typically completed the same day.
The MPAA requires all domestic (U.S.) trailers that they rate to be TASA certified. 
A trailer must be measured from the first audible sound of the trailer after the sync pop to the last sound, excluding any silence before or after. It must be measured on a TASA approved meter. The LeqM measurement is a whole number. Meters that include a decimal point in their measurement must be rounded […]