Coolpad launches the Legacy Brisa Smartphone with THX Spatial Audio

Coolpad feat THX Spatial Audio

Smartphone shoppers looking for better-sounding devices are in for a treat: The Coolpad Legacy Brisa with built-in THX Spatial Audio is available now!

Announced earlier in 2020, the Legacy Brisa is the first smartphone to debut in the American market to incorporate our immersive surround sound technology over headphones. When users plug in, they’ll experience their favorite movies, music, and streaming content – such as YouTube and TikTok – over a 360-degree soundstage making for a richer entertainment experience that fits into a pocket or purse. 

“As THX has expanded from cinema to home theater products and now into the mobile sector, it is a natural evolution to bring THX Spatial Audio to mobile devices like the Coolpad Legacy Brisa,” said Jason Fiber, general manager and senior vice president of mobile technologies, THX Ltd. “Today, we use our mobile phones for everything including streaming entertainment. THX Spatial Audio adds a degree of positional realism to application audio with which Coolpad users can better enjoy movies, games, and music.”

The Coolpad Legacy Brisa is available through the Boost Mobile website and authorized Boost Mobile retailers. 

THX Spatial Audio has had quite the year in terms of making a significant impact on the entertainment landscape. It’s elevated multiple online concerts over the summer while also enhancing EDM-duo BEAUZ’s latest EP, BEAUZ WORLD VOL1. THX Spatial Audio made waves on the PC front when we partnered to incorporate the technology into Gateway’s new line of laptops, and Razer launched a standalone app with the newly announced THX Spatial Audio Game Profiles

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