How the Outlaw Ultra X-13 subwoofer brings big sound to bigger spaces

Outlaw X-13 Sub
THX Outlaw X-13 Sub In partnership with THX, Claridy Audio has developed the Ultra X-13, a subwoofer specifically designed for Outlaw Audio. The driver in the subwoofer is the first component to receive the “Approved by THX” designation. And it’s set to revolutionize the subwoofer category, delivering a level of performance that rivals the highest standards on the market. But what does it mean for a component to be THX Approved, and how did the Outlaw Ultra X-13 achieve that honor? Read on to find out. Taking our expertise to the component level This year, THX brought its renowned expertise to audio and video components, launching a new iteration of the Approved by THX program. We’re still dedicated to certifying end products for optimal performance—we’ve just taken it a step further. Now we’re evaluating and approving the individual components that make great end products possible. This initiative provides a first-time opportunity for top-tier original design manufacturers (ODMs) to receive the Approved by THX designation. THX Certification will lead to higher demand for those components, and ultimately to a faster path to approval for end products. Everyone wins: ODMs create higher-quality components that product manufacturers will want to use in their designs. End product makers can build superior systems that command higher prices on the shelves. And consumers enjoy the best entertainment experiences possible. Outlaw Sub X13 Different room size, different certifications For many years, THX has certified products across different categories based on room size. “THX Select” certification is for smaller rooms, while “THX Ultra” certification applies to larger ones. We’ve brought these same designations to our THX Approved Component Program, with a few slight alterations. THX Select certification applies to rooms up to 2000 sq ft, while THX Ultra is for rooms up to 3000 sq ft. For better clarity, we’ve simplified some of our older designations: “Select2” is now just “Select” and “Ultra2” is “Ultra.” Ultra performance for ultra spaces As the name would indicate, the Outlaw Ultra X-13 meets our THX Ultra specifications. Let’s dive a little deeper into what that means. To attain Ultra certification, THX conducts a myriad of tests, including sensitivity, frequency response, distortion, etc. Products must be able to play at 85dB and have +20dB of headroom (at the specified listening distance). This requirement applies to all Ultra loudspeakers, not just subwoofers. THX Ultra subwoofers also must have low distortion and the ability to play down to 20hz. These requirements ensure dialogue and explosions alike are heard clearly and without unwanted noises or clipping. It usually takes a system of at least two subwoofers to achieve Ultra certification. But that constraint is now history. Cinema-quality entertainment from a single subwoofer The Outlaw Ultra X-13 is one of a limited number of subwoofers that can provide enough output for a THX Ultra sized room using a single subwoofer. Can you say “game changer”? THX performed over 400 tests to certify Claridy’s new offering. Demonstrating their tireless commitment to quality and their value as a strategic partner, Claridy studied our specifications, inquired about our test process and methodology, and made the necessary adjustments to create a subwoofer that met our requirements. One thing we tested for, as we do with all audio products submitted for Ultra certification, was “flat” frequency response. THX Certified loudspeakers, and other electronics with flat response, will reproduce content the way the artist intended, without any coloring caused by the system. This enables superior experiences for end users, bringing the full vision of the original content creator to life. THX Outlaw X-13 Sub 3 Look for more THX Approved components soon The Approved by THX program for components is just getting started. We’ll be releasing info on new products soon as we work with our partners to reach astonishing heights of audio and visual quality.