BEAUZ and THX Announce New Global Standard for Digital Music

BEAUZ and THX Ltd. Announce a New Global Standard for the Digital Music Experience

First ever THXⓇ Spatial Audio digital album, THE BEAUZ WORLD, VOL.1 EP by BEAUZ available online: Proceeds to Support Racial Justice – EP

San Francisco, California, July 15, 2020 —BEAUZ and THX Ltd. today announced the first digital EP album rendered in THX Spatial Audio for an immersive music experience. The six-track EP album will be released on July 24th at midnight to all digital download stores including Spotify and Apple Music. The THX Spatial Audio rendered-EP will be available as a podcast on both Spotify and Apple Music and also on the BEAUZ YouTube channel and SoundCloud, providing a truly immersive audio experience for headphone and earbud listeners. 100% of  proceeds of the first week of sales from album-related sales will be donated to support the fight for social justice.

Celebrating the EP launch, 3 lucky listeners can win a pair of THXⓇ Certified Razer Opus headphones during the BEAUZ x THX release party or by purchasing the EP with an item on the merch store

Beauz will also hold an exclusive album release party online on Thursday, July 23rd wherein listeners will enjoy early access to the music, the immersive THX Spatial Audio experience, a Razer Opus headphone giveaway drawing, and interaction with the artists.

This EP represents the truest form of BEAUZ and the community they have worked so hard to create. “Through our music and our platforms, we are building the real BEAUZ WORLD – an inclusive, diversified community that is able to propel us forward with acceptance, innovation and affection. By breathing “life” into our music, we allow our fans to engage with their feelings in real time, bringing the real-life clubbing sonic experience via the comfort of your headphones,” added Johan and Bernie Yang.

Music has always been the channel for the expression of all the emotions that make us human. As virtual experiences become the norm, this partnership expands audio to a multidimensional immersive level. The THX Spatial Audio renderings bring music to life so that it can be enjoyed as close as possible to the way the artist intended the music to be heard. Partnering with THX on this release allows BEAUZ to take it to the next level. BEAUZ is a DJ/producer duo known for being the genre-bending pioneers of Psy-Pop in Electronic Dance Music. Brothers Bernie and Johan Yang are the trail blazers of dimensionalizing music and enhancing the audience’s sonic experience. While already having hundreds of songs under their belt within a short span of three years, BEAUZ is characterized by their catchy, clean, modern futurist sounds and their frequent usage of oriental elements, and has been a gravity-defying force within the dance music industry.

Following the success of Blockeley Music Festival on Minecraft, BEAUZ breaks through invisible barriers again with the goal of continuing to innovate the music industry. In fact, A-list acts such as Zedd, Timmy Trumpet and Adventure Club are only some of the artists which the duo has been working with behind the scenes.

Discussing the EP, BEAUZ opens up about the collaboration: “Emotions need to be dimensional. Each sound that comes into our ear triggers inner responses that eventually become the emotions that we experience. With THX, we can finally give our fans the audio experience they truly deserve. This is a great showcase of the potential of music and of THX Spatial Audio for artists and creators.” said the Yang brothers.

THX has partnered with BEAUZ on this BEAUZ WORLD VOL.1. aspiring to evolve the field of recorded music. Together with the versatile Dance-Pop duo, THX aims to not only make music fun, interactive and sonically immersive, but also make the audio spatialization technology readily available for the global consumers to access.

THX Spatial Audio is a positional audio solution that delivers pinpoint audio accuracy using real-time rendering and spatial positioning of stereo and multichannel content. The THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing mix used in BEAUZWORLD VOL.1 is a custom tuning that immerses listeners in the music and simulates the way audio sounds during a DJ performance live at a club. Listeners will have a heightened, realistic experience when listening over headphones or earbuds.

The launch of the EP is accompanied by the chance to win a pair of THX Certified Razer Opus headphones. Three lucky winners attending the July 23rd BEAUZ and THX release party streaming on will receive a pair of the newly launched wireless headphones featuring advanced active noise cancellation (ANC) technology that are already earning praise for their stellar performance. Tested and optimized by THX engineers as part of the THX Headphone Certification program that gives special attention to frequency response, low distortion, and exceptional noise isolation, the headset presents a rich, balanced soundstage that will ensure BEAUZ and the THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing mix are delivered in the best possible quality. Combined with the THX Spatial Audio content, winners will have a more complete THX experience. Three winners will also be selected from those who purchase both the EP and an item from the merchandise store for additional THX Certified high quality earbuds.

Proceeds derived from the sales of the EP the first week of the launch starting July 24, 2020 will be donated to The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. After the first week, 50% of ongoing proceeds will also be donated to the same cause.

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