Tuned by THX™ and THX® Certification

THX believes that consumers should have access to great entertainment experiences, regardless of the environment or medium of consumption. We work with partners in multiple ways to assure quality, whether you’re looking for a complete home theater system, or personal laptop.
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Tuned by THX

Tuned by THX products are carefully tuned and calibrated by THX engineers to maximize the performance of the existing device. Displays mirror the professional settings used by filmmakers and broadcast professionals, while audio products have high-accuracy filters applied.

It is the best way to get the optimal performance out of your device.

THX Certification

THX® Certification is a globally recognized assurance of a product’s audio or visual fidelity. Products that are THX Certified must meet very strict performance tolerances, and endure hundreds of qualitative and functionality tests to ensure uncompromising audio and visual entertainment.

It is your guide to purchasing the best consumer electronics.

(Product Stage) Tuned by THX THX Certification
Development THX works with partners during development and prototype phase to spec and design a product that is capable of meeting THX Certification standards
Testing Products are tested by THX Engineers using state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate audio-visual fidelity
Consultation THX collaborates directly with manufacturers to identify modifications to improve performance and retests as necessary
Tuning Products are carefully tuned and calibrated by THX engineers to maximize the performance of the existing display Audio and Video tuning settings are built into product menus of the device after collaboration with partner on optimal spec and design
Content Any media, regardless of origin, will perform optimally on the device. Video products include modes that mirror professional display used by filmmakers and professionals
Auditing Retail product is audited to ensure it meets the same standards as prototype
Certification The product is awarded THX Certification upon meeting the highest standards