Why THX Matters to You

  • THX’s in-house acoustical testing facility has assisted in the consultation, design, testing and certification of thousands of speaker models
  • Access industry expertise and best practices: THX can provide flexible design consultation on kit of parts when engaged early, or maximize device later in production cycle
  • Improve the audio quality of your existing designs with THX tuning and calibration
  • THX is content agnostic: THX provides universal features that benefit all apps and content types regardless of format

Tuned by THX - Device Tuning and Optimization

THX Device Tuning measures customer-supplied hardware and provides corrective EQ and dynamics parameters for the best listening experience at all volume levels.

Tuned by THX Audio chart
  • Individual, per-channel transducer compensation aligns the overall acoustic performance to best match the THX target frequency response curve, addressing issues that arise with variability that occurs among different speaker drivers and components
  • THX’s flexible EQ and dynamics compensation provide listeners with the ability to maintain consistent, audible tonal balance regardless of volume
  • Smart amplifier firmware tuning provides optimal electronic performance

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Learn how you can collaborate with THX on a custom approach involving design consultation, testing and tuning, and THX technology integration.


THX for Pay TV flow chart/process

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