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THX Certification is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance. We blend art, technology, and the dynamics of real world listening and viewing environments to ensure products deliver the artist’s true vision. Using industry standards and a proprietary testing methodology, THX engineers evaluate and certify the audio and visual fidelity of consumer electronics to ensure they deliver the optimal entertainment experience. In cinemas, at home, and on-the-go, your entertainment comes alive with THX.


  • Globally recognized standard ensures high performance and premium build quality
  • Hundreds of lab tests guarantee precise performance every time
  • Preserve the emotional depth, texture and immediacy envisioned by the artist
THX Certified Razer Moray In-Ear Monitor being tested in the THX testing lab

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What is THX Certification?

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THX Certification – The gold standard in entertainment experiences

Razer Headphones

THX Certified Razer headphones, earbuds and in-ear monitors pass hundreds of tests to ensure the highest audio standards possible. Developed to define a reference headphone listening experience, the THX Headphone Certification Program gives special attention to frequency response and its consistency, low distortion and exceptional noise isolation. This ensures that:

  • High frequencies, vocals, and bass levels are well balanced in relation to each other. This allows you to hear all the details in high-resolution tracks, ensures dialog in movies and vocals in music are clear, while maintaining deep, impactful bass output that doesn’t overpower the listening experience
  • Audio output levels between the left and right channels are well balanced to provide a clear central image and to accurately localize specific sounds and effects where they should be
  • Content can easily be played back at increased volumes without introducing unwanted noise
  • The headphones/earbuds are able to both seal in audio and block out external sounds.
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THX Certified Razer Headphones

  • THX Certified Razer Moray In-Ear Monitor


  • THX Certified Razer Opus headphones


  • THX Certified Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro

    Hammerhead True Wireless Pro

  • THX Certified Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed

    Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed

Razer Monitors

THX Certified PC monitors undergo more than 400 individual tests to ensure color, tone and images reproduce the creator’s intentions accurately in stunning picture quality on the monitor. While THX has certified hundreds of products, including televisions, the Razer Raptor 27 is the world’s first PC monitor to achieve THX Certification, expanding the robust display certification program to test PC monitors with the same rigorous performance criteria as 4K TVs. Whether playing your favorite games, or watching movies on your computer, this THX Certified monitor ensures sharp picture and accurate colors with no motion blur or light bleed.

Examples of THX Certification testing for PC monitors include:

  • Color Accuracy: Displays are tested to ensure all images match the color, luminance, and black detail as found in the original source, and all primary and blended colors are reproduced exactly as they were in the studio.
  • Gamma: Shadows and dark details are important to good image quality. THX requires adherence to the gamma curve used in game and movie production.
  • Panel Performance: Not all display panels are uniformly backlit. To ensure consistent image quality across the entire screen, THX Certified monitors are tested for light leakage and hot spots to confirm that the edges of the image are not washed out.
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How THX Certification helps the Razer Raptor 27″ become the ultimate gaming monitor

THX Spatial Audio

THX Spatial Audio is a flexible positional audio solution that delivers a heightened, realistic and more immersive entertainment experience. Enjoy the true-to-life realism of immersive entertainment like never before as THX Spatial Audio puts you in the center of the action in a 360 degree soundscape where you’ll hear greater detail in your game play, and enhance all your entertainment, like movies and music, with room filling sound for a ‘so good it felt like being there’ experience. Gain the competitive edge in your next game with THX Spatial Audio.

  • Become immersed in a more authentic game experience: Transport yourself into the world of the game with true-to-life acoustics
  • Survive longer, improve your scores, and win: More accurately locate sneaking enemies, avoid whizzing bullets, and detect nearby threats
  • Stay mentally sharp and play longer: Reduce ear and brain fatigue by moving sounds perceptibly farther away from you
  • Get the most out of your movies and music with audio that envelops you: Realistic acoustics imitate how content sounds in a natural environment
THX Spatial Audio Gamer

You’ve got to hear it to believe it.

TEX vs The Robot – THX Spatial Audio demo video still Play

Demo: TEX vs The Robot (Listen over headphones)

THX Spatial Audio Guy wearing headphones on his laptop Play

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Razer Speakers

THX Spatial Audio for Speakers and Sound Bars brings an immersive sound experience to stereo speakers through a patented technology that provides incredible realism and a jaw-droppingly wide soundstage. THX Spatial Audio minimizes coloration of sound outside of the “sweet spot” and delivers maximal acoustic performance. This means sounds are perceived as originating from around the user, similar to the experience of listening in a movie theater or on a home theater surround sound system.

Razer Speakers with THX Spatial Audio

Razer Nommo V2 Pro featuring THX Spatial Audio and THX Game Profiles

The first 2.1 desktop speaker system with THX® Spatial Audio and the first speakers to feature THX Game Profiles, the Nommo V2, Nommo V2 Pro and Nommo V2 X give you an optimized virtual surround sound experience that complements the games’ sound design.

Razer Nommo Line
Razer Leviathan v2 x THX Spatial Audio

The first soundbar to feature THX Spatial Audio, the Razer Leviathan V2 uses THX Spatial Audio on Windows® 10 64-bit activated through Razer Synapse and features a THX tuned EQ mode for a reference listening experience, with or without THX Spatial Audio enabled.

Razer Leviathan V2
Razer Leviathan V2 Pro

In the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro THX Spatial Audio for speakers is enhanced with advanced AI user tracking and user adaptive beamforming technology powered by Audioscenic. The soundbar intelligently tracks your head via an integrated IR camera to beam sound directly to your ear, creating a dynamic sweet spot for ultra-personalized audio.

Razer Leviathan V2 Pro

Razer Headsets

THX Spatial Audio enabled Razer headsets deliver pinpoint audio accuracy using real-time rendering and spatial positioning of stereo and multichannel content. With heightened positional cues for advanced game play, and greater detail and realism in all your entertainment you’re getting the best in immersive audio.

Accessed through Razer Synapse, THX Spatial Audio headsets come with a variety of features:

  • THX tuned presets for Movies, Music and Gaming
  • Modify, create, and store custom EQ settings
  • Adjustable individual virtual speaker placement
  • Voice Clarity and Bass Boost
  • Volume Leveling
  • Mic and chat control to provide optimal voice clarity
  • Smart mic volume management and background noise mitigation ensure no one goes unheard
  • THX Game Profiles

Razer headsets with THX Spatial Audio

  • Razer's BlackShark v2 esports headset

    BlackShark V2 Pro

  • Razer Barracuda Pro product shot

    Barracuda Pro

  • Pink Razer Kraken Kitty Edition Gaming Headset

    Kraken Kitty

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THX Spatial Audio Game Profiles

Gain a competitive advantage with audio settings custom designed for your favorite games. Available with THX Spatial Audio enabled Razer headsets and the Nommo V2 desktop speakers, these profiles consider in-game room specs and reverberation, EQ adjustments and virtual surround speaker placement to accurately reproduce the specific environment of the game and make important sounds in the game more pronounced.

THX Environmental Mode realistically places sound around you based on each game’s environment to maximize your immersive experience and transport you into the game.

THX Competitive Mode maximizes spatial awareness allowing you to better locate friend and foe relative to your position. This can give you an unfair advantage in combat scenarios.

Razer Laptops

THX Spatial Audio enabled Razer PCs deliver an immersive experience over stereo loudspeakers, as well as 3.5mm headphones. The laptop speakers feature THX Spatial Audio for speakers technology which brings a wider soundstage to stereo speakers, while PC audio over headphones faithfully renders all available channels from stereo and multi-channel audio sources to deliver a true surround sound experience similar the THX Spatial Audio enabled Razer headsets.

Built into the laptop hardware and accessed through the THX Spatial Audio app found in the Windows menu, THX Spatial Audio Razer laptops feature:

  • THX tuned presets for Movies, Music, Gaming and Voice
  • Modify, create, and store custom EQ settings
  • Dialogue Enhancement and Volume Leveling
  • Bass Boost and extra EQ levels for headphone audio

THX Spatial Audio Laptop Tuning

THX Spatial Audio Settings Game

Both PC loudspeakers and headphone audio have been optimized by THX to deliver maximal acoustic performance, custom-tuned to the device’s unique hardware architecture. The built-in loudspeakers are measured for near-field as well as far-field acoustic response, and a corrective tuning profile containing both EQ + dynamics is generated for integration into the Windows audio subsystem. This means the user should experience a balanced acoustic response when sitting near to the laptop, as well as when seated in the same room.

Razer laptops with THX Spatial Audio

  • Razer Blade 18 [2024] product shot

    Blade 18

  • Razer Blade 17 gaming laptop

    Blade 17

  • Razer Blade 16 [2024] product shot

    Blade 16

  • Razer Blade 14

    Blade 14

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How to Activate THX Spatial Audio on the Razer Blade Laptops

Razer Mobile Handhelds

Razer’s ultimate Android gaming handheld the Razer Edge, comes equipped in the Wi-Fi version with THX Spatial Audio, both over the device loudspeakers, as well as headphones. The THX Spatial Audio for speakers technology creates a wider soundstage, while audio over headphones delivers a true surround sound experience similar the THX Spatial Audio enabled Razer headsets.

Razer Edge

Get THX Spatial Audio on Any Headphones

Razer also offers the THX Spatial Audio app for Windows 10 which makes our technology available for use with all types and brands of headphones and earbuds. Compatible with analogue 3.5mm headsets, USB and Bluetooth headphones, anyone can upgrade their 5.1, 7.1 or stereo audio experience. The Razer THX Spatial Audio App includes THX Game Profiles and has a feature-rich suite of customization options, including speaker position, volume, and distance tuning, THX Tuned Presets, and the ability to modify, create, and store custom EQ settings for a personalized, rich listening experience.

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The Barracuda Pro is the first ever headset to combine the immersive realism of THX Spatial Audio with the world’s most linear amplifier technology, THX AAA. THX AAA (THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier) ensures the ultimate no-compromise headphone audio experience by delivering the world’s highest fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion and power consumption.


  • Patented feed-forward error correction topology that nulls conventional distortion mechanisms
  • Minimal bias current and highly efficient power management to optimize and extend device battery life
  • Enjoy greater dynamic range and sound pressure level (SPL)
  • Reduction of harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by up to 40dB

Check out the first Razer headset with THX AAA – Razer Barracuda Pro

Razer Barracuda Pro featuring THX AAA

THX Onyx™

Razer also distributes THX Onyx, a powerful, portable digital-to-analog (DAC) amplifier equipped with THX AAA™ technology, to ensure the highest fidelity mobile listening experience. Whether used in conjunction with a Razer laptop or headset to bring out more detail in your gaming, or as part of a Hi-Fi set-up for the best on-the-go entertainment, THX Onyx improves audio quality exponentially.

THX Certified Razer Speakers

THX Certified multimedia systems ensure the dynamic impact of larger home theater systems in a package that complements a computer or gaming console. Like all THX Certified speakers, the Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 virtual surround gaming speakers have undergone hundreds of tests on the acoustics and electronics to elevate your gaming, music and movie playback with the best audio possible. Beyond THX Certification, the Razer Nommo Pro was carefully tuned by the engineers at THX.

Check out the THX Certified Razer Nommo Pro

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