THX engineers complete a number of different scientifically-formulated HDMI interconnect tests to ensure the highest level of audio-visual signal delivery standard possible. With THX Interconnect Certification and the mandated HDMI 2.1 ATC Certification pre-requisite, Professionals and Enthusiasts alike are provided the highest level of confidence while installing HDMI cables between their 8K-ready AV equipment from a reliability, interoperability, and all-around system robustness perspective.

Testing at Pixelgen Lab

Key areas in the THX Certified 8K Interconnect program are as follows:


Specifically critical for long reach HDMI extension methods, all THX Certified interconnect pass through a 48Gbps pixel error analysis test. Within this high-speed frame match comparative test, THX engineers are essentially screening for invalid pixel values between the source and destination to ensure only uncompressed signal delivery is occurring through the cable itself. All bits in, all bits out. Cable interconnect methods that use compression techniques cannot pass the THX Interconnect Certification test.


All THX Certified interconnect are put through live low-speed HDMI protocol testing. Time lapsed, low-speed communication protocol tests include; eARC (Ensuring proper lossless 37Mbps upstream audio connectivity), CEC (Ensuring proper Consumer Electronics Control operation) & HDCP (Ensuring that all HDCP 1.4/2.2 & 2.3 content protection protocols operate as expected concurrently alongside high-speed signal delivery).


All THX Certified interconnect pass through a stringent ‘real-world/real-equipment’ suite of tests using a wide array of 8K HDMI Source, Display and Repeater devices. THX tests include lab emulated in-field events such as; multiple cable hot-plugging actions, intermittent power drops, power sequencing as well as time-lapsed pixel error screening. It is critical that all in-system HDMI operation recover properly following all of the aforementioned events.


All THX Certified interconnect are screened through a large matrix of 8K-enabled AV equipment to ensure maximized interoperability between multiple AV equipment vendors. Additionally, the interoperability tests ensure that the combined equipment’s maximum AV format bandwidth capabilities are maintained within the cable as to not drop down the intended video standard that can occur during the HDMI cable’s link training process.


Within the HDMI cable construction, the newly implemented 48Gbps high-speed signal delivery implementation demands masterful mechanical construction and in the case of longer reach applications, the very best in active signal transmission recovery techniques to properly transport the signal from its source to destination while maintaining interoperability across all 8K equipment combinations.


THX has also certified legacy 4K products with the same rigorous testing standards. THX Certified 4K Interconnect cables are tested and certified to deliver 4K content with absolutely zero effect on picture and sound quality.

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