THX and Pixelgen Announce THX® Certified 8K Home Theater Interconnect Cables   

THX Certified Pixelgen 8K Home Theater Interconnect Cables

New home theater cables ensure flawless high-fidelity 8K HDMI® connectivity 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MARCH 13, 2023 – THX Ltd., world-class high-fidelity audio and video tuning, certification, and technology company, and Canadian innovator, Pixelgen Design Inc., today announced the world’s first THX® Certified 8K Interconnect home theater cables delivering uncompressed 48Gbps bitrates and total HDMI 2.1 feature set support up to 15m (approximately 50 feet). The full lineup includes the PXLGLASS™ 8 Optical Fiber/Copper Interconnect and the Pixelgen SERIES 8, Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cables. These new cables are both HDMI and THX Certified, having passed extensive proprietary and industry-leading tests to meet the gold standards in high fidelity.  

“We are pleased to achieve THX Certification across our line of new home theater cables, for both short and long-reach needs for the Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable that guarantees stability within an 8K system of any size,” said Jack MacDougall, chief executive officer, Pixelgen Designs Inc. “At Pixelgen, we develop interconnect solutions from the ground up and have an in-depth knowledge of HDMI. As the 8K ecosystem matures and content creators begin supporting the format’s full potential, we have already observed that in long-reach applications inferior interconnects can impede the entertainment experience significantly. Our new offering solves this problem for home theater installers, custom home entertainment system experts, and enthusiasts alike.” 

PXLGLASS™ 8 Hybrid Optical Fiber/Copper HDMI® Interconnect is the industry’s first active long-reach THX® Certified 8K Interconnect HDMI solution. It is capable of extending full-bandwidth uncompressed 8K60, perfect for larger or more expansive home theatres. PXLGLASS 8 utilizes premium 4-Core OC3 glass fibers that carry the 48Gbps (12Gbps per/fiber) high-speed FRL signals downstream to the 8K display while exchanging critical low-speed communication such as HDCP 2.3, eARC, and CEC over copper-based wires. This hybrid fiber/copper cabling implementation approach guarantees the highest standard of robustness, interoperability, and reliability critical for all 8K applications for almost any home theater setup or installation. They are available in 7.6m, 10m, and 15m (approx. 50 feet) lengths starting at $389 USD MSRP with dealer pricing available, and available directly from and from resellers listed therein.  

“We are proud Pixelgen cable designs have passed our rigorous THX Certification process, which validates their world-class engineering and design,” said Steven P. Martz. “Nearly guaranteeing the desirable 100% uncompressed signal transmission, these cables offer full HDMI protocol functionality and control. For all lengths, the Pixelgen customer can rely on these cables to help them achieve the highest fidelity entertainment enjoyment at home.” 

Pixelgen also introduced today their THX Certified slim 8K-capable SERIES 8 – Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable range ideal for general short-range AV connectivity and the perfect match for professional rack-mount applications. Available in 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, and 2m (approx. 6.5 feet) lengths. These range in price starting at $42 USD MSRP with dealer pricing available directly from and resellers listed therein. 

“Years of blank screens, image dropouts, audio loss, and sparkles, can all now be left behind with the THX Certified Pixelgen HDMI solutions,” continued MacDougall. “No connection will be left to chance within a HDMI 2.1-based 8K system now that we have reached the 48Gbps threshold. In fact, without appropriately certified cables, erratic HDMI behavior can now become more commonplace, even at shorter lengths. Short reach to long-haul, it can all come crashing down quickly with a speedy 48Gbps signal and a non-compliant HDMI cabling construct. THX Certified Pixelgen cables eliminate this problem entirely!” 

MacDougall explains in detail the problems solved by these cables, here. These Pixelgen connectivity solutions can provide confidence in knowing that the cables have gone through an exhaustive sweep of testing for long-term 8K system reliability at the THX laboratory. The cables also adhere to the Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable Certification Program. For details on THX Certification please visit here.  

About Pixelgen Design 

Pixelgen Design, a Canadian-based organization specializing in developing 100% uncompressed signal delivery methods. Pixelgen continues to demystify the ever-changing landscape of long reach HDMI interconnect. Jack MacDougall, Founder & CEO of PIXELGEN, is a leading industry expert in uncompressed signal distribution and is highly active in the CI (Custom Integration) community. For more information, visit, and find us on Instagram, and follow us on Twitter.  For all other inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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