Continuing its iconic Deep Note movie trailer tradition, THX unveils its newest trailer, Genesis. It’s a next-gen, deeply engaging audio-visual experience created by the award-winning Hollywood creative team at American Meme. With Ben Rosenblatt, known for “the Alienist”, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Star Trek Into Darkness, at the helm as executive producer, and writer / director Micho Rutare, known for Sharknado, plus Andrew Kramer and Robby Stambler, known for their Star Wars: The Force Awakens animation and sound work respectively, Genesis takes viewers on an unprecedented 60 second journey, based on the distinguished Deep Note signature sound. Adding to the experience is the pre-rendered immersive THX Spatial Audio mix which draws audiences into the middle of the story. Listen with headphones to experience it with deeper immersion and incredible realism.

For more background information on the trailer, take a peek behind the scenes (link below) or visit our blog post for the story.