THX Spatial Audio: 3D Sound That Reshapes Your Entertainment

A man using headphones and a laptop with a bubble around his head
When we dropped “Genesis” in August, you might have missed something in the speaker-shattering moment that was the release of a new Deep Note trailer.  That something is THX® Spatial Audio. And it’s just as important as our new trailer and will change the way audiences interact with their entertainment. THX Spatial Audio gives consumers a true-to-life, 3D audio experience for all their movies, music, and video games. Plus, it works on a wide range of consumer devices, from smartphones, headphones, speakers, and computers.  With THX Spatial Audio, audience members are at the center of the action. That means when you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or playing video games, you’ll be in a 360-degree sound field with your entertainment happening all around you. Plus, our real-time rendering and spatial positioning software up-mixes stereo and multichannel content.   But THX Spatial Audio takes it a step further. We can develop listening modes to enhance specific forms of entertainment. We develop these modes considering the ideal EQ, bass and vocal clarity for the medium. But then it gets wild. We also customize the ideal placement, distance, and volume of the individual virtual speakers taking into account room acoustics that suit the content. And in many cases, users can tweak these settings on their own to personalize the experience. Simply put, THX Spatial Audio means greater detail for the entertainment you love.  THX Spatial Audio is available now in multiple consumer electronic devices on the market. We’ve worked with partners like MOTILE and EVOO Gaming to include it in various laptops, and our friends at Razer added it to the Kraken and Nari line of headphones. Don’t worry, we have tons of new devices that’ll feature THX Spatial Audio in 2020. Stay tuned.  If you want to find a device that packs THX Spatial Audio, head over to our handy Product Finder. Or, if you want to add THX Spatial Audio to your company’s product, drop us a line on this page