THX Onyx™ gets a special holiday offer, more retail options for the 2021 holiday season

THX Onyx™, our excellent headphone DAC/Amp with THX AAA™ technology, has had a stellar year since its launch in April. It’s won awards from the audiophile press (the latest being a Top Pick from the discerning tastes at Sound & Vision) and the consumer electronics industry. THX Onyx recently won the TWICE VIP Award in August and was named an honoree for the Home Audio/Video Components & Accessories category for the CES 2022 Innovation Awards.

These accolades are a testament to THX Onyx’s positive impact on audio and consumer electronics fans alike. And it’s a testament to our fans’ appreciation of our ongoing mission to make high-fidelity entertainment experiences accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

More importantly, we appreciate the great feedback our fans have given us about THX Onyx and the quality it brings to music, movies, and video games. 

As a token of our appreciation, we’re making a few changes to how you can get your hands on your own THX Onyx. Starting now, THX Onyx is available for sale in the US on

And to make the holiday season even better, we’re starting it early. Beginning on November 9 and running through November 29, THX Onyx™ will be on holiday special for $149.99.

Thank you to everyone who made THX Onyx, our first consumer product in our history, a success. If you’re on the fence about trying THX Onyx, now’s the time. Hear what’s been missing from your favorite entertainment.