THX Onyx brings hi-fi audio to the masses

The THX mission is about enhancing the entertainment experience. Today THX is taking a big step in that ongoing goal with the launch of our first-ever consumer electronics product. 

Meet THX Onyx™, a mobile headphone DAC/Amplifier that packs a sonic wallop with our award-winning THX AAA technology.

DAC/Amplifiers, for those not in the know, are Digital-to-Analog Converters coupled with a headphone amplifier. DAC/amps take the digital signal from your device (laptop, smartphone, and the like) and convert it to an analog stereo signal. That signal then has its voltage and current increased so it’s usable by your headphones, resulting in a more natural and higher-fidelity listening experience.

THX Onyx is the end-all when it comes to portable headphone DAC/amps. Despite its size, THX Onyx is capable of powering 180mW of power per channel. That’s enough juice to run your power-hungry, studio-grade headphones so you can take them on the go. But THX Onyx isn’t just about raw power. Its distortion plus noise measures a minuscule -112dB, meaning it won’t add any unwanted coloration or noise to your audio. All of this translates to you hearing everything your entertainment has to offer, from whisper-quiet sonatas to blockbuster explosions, and everything in between: your entertainment at its best quality without interference, pure and simple. 

Great specs and impressive hardware stats are only half of the equation for sound quality, but without large, uncompressed files, THX Onyx can only work so many miracles on its own. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with MQA to add their award-winning technology to THX Onyx. When used with hi-fi streaming services like Tidal and Roon, THX Onyx + MQA unlocks the full breadth and quality of these tracks. 

Typical streaming audio has a fraction of the data made during recording sessions, translating to minor detail and muddled sound in the music. MQA’s rendering technology, when coupled with higher-bitrate music services, like Tidal Hi-Fi, unfolds the entire file for a bigger, fuller sound that puts you next to your favorite artist in the recording studio. 

THX Onyx also works with high-resolution audio streamed from Amazon Music HD and is guaranteed to provide the best audio experience once Spotify implements their high-quality audio tier.

And because THX believes great audio should fit into your life, we’ve added some extras not included in other high-end, mobile DAC/amps, including microphone support (except for iOS devices). The last thing we want THX Onyx users to worry about when enjoying their favorite entertainment is managing dongles and wires to pick up a call. Instead, answer the call, take care of business, and go back to your music or movie. We’ve also included a magnetic clasp that’ll keep your headphones tangle-free, THX Onyx nearby, and ready to go. Lastly, because we’re THX, it may not be THX Certified, a distinction awarded only after rigorous testing on partner products, but you bet we built it to our own exceptional THX Certification standard. 

If you’re curious about what critics are saying about THX Onyx, we’ve provided an early-look at the device to some key journalists and we’re excited to share their reviews with you. If we’ve sold you on THX Onyx already, it’s on sale today at in America and the EU, and at in China.