Get premium listening experiences everywhere with THX AAA™ technology

The FiiO M17 digital audio player sitting on a desk with headphones and a smartphone

With ever-improving audio quality reaching more consumers, we wanted to observe a milestone of our hi-fi offering and the milestone it hit this year. We launched the THX AAA™ headphone amplifier technology to great reviews at C.E.S. 2017. And since then, it has changed the way the general consumer and audiophiles alike think about the sound quality headphones can produce.  

THX partners continue to bring leading-edge implementations of THX AAA technology into their products. The list is long and includes: 

One partner, in particular, has embraced THX AAA technology and the superb performance it gives consumers–FiiO. As a result, throughout FiiO’s line of high-end audio products, you can find THX AAA used with spectacular results. They have incorporated THX AAA into desktop amps, portable Dac/amps and their award-winning digital audio players, like the recently released M17, resulting in the largest line-up of THX AAA products from any brand. 

FiiO’s devices, like all THX AAA devices, provide listeners with near-zero levels of distortion while delivering plenty of power to headphones for better dynamic range, ensuring your device performs at its peak capabilities. All of which culminate in fatigue-free listening experiences for your favorite entertainment while listening on the go.  With THX AAA technology and powerful digital audio players, like FiiO’s M17, premium music experiences are no longer shackled to the home and can roam with you. It’s an experience that’s simply superb, and you need to hear to believe.  

Learn more about the benefits of THX AAA technology by checking out Or, if you’re curious which THX AAA product is right for your life, check out our Product Finder.  

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