M&K Sound unveils new X+ Series line of THX Certified® reference subwoofers

The inventors of the subwoofer overhaul the legendary X Series with three new X+ Series models including the company’s first THX Certified Dominus 15-inch X15+

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THX® Certified M&K X+ Series subwoofers boost any audio environment with reference bass

San Francisco, CA, December 7th, 2021 – M&K Sound, inventors of the satellite/subwoofer speaker combination for full-range home audio reproduction and whose products are the undisputed “choice of professionals”, has announced the availability of three brand new THX® Certified subwoofers, the X15+, X12+ and X10+. The three new subwoofers, each with M&K Sound’s signature push-pull driver configuration, build on the performance of the company’s former X Series for deeper, faster, and louder bass than ever before. 

“We carefully considered how to create successors to our market-leading X Series push-pull subwoofers,” said Per Becher, chief executive officer, M&K Sound. “However, with increasing demand for large home theaters, it was clear that we would once again need to redefine what superb bass performance means for both home and professional environments.” 

THX Certification ensures reference performance

Each model has achieved coveted THX status, with the X15+ being the company’s first 15-inch push-pull subwoofer to be THX® Certification Dominus class, whether used as a single subwoofer or as a pair. The dual 10-inch driver X10+ with THX® Certified Select, the dual 12-inch driver X12+ with THX® Certified Ultra, and dual 15-inch driver X15+ with THX Certified Dominus, ensure that movie and music lovers can achieve professional cinema audio reference levels in their home media or living rooms of up to 2,000ft3, 3,000ft3 and 6,500ft3, respectively. The THX gold seal of excellence verifies the consumer can expect enjoyment of movie soundtracks “as the director intended.”

“We are pleased to announce THX Certification in three THX performance classes for the audio innovator, M&K Sound,” said Steven Martz, vice president of global technology, THX Ltd. “M&K audio engineers are among the world’s best, and passing THX rigorous standards for audio certification means passing hundreds of tests. M&K can be proud of this accomplishment, and audio enthusiasts everywhere will be pleased with the extraordinary pure, powerful output of these superb subwoofers.”

Huge power output and new drivers let the audience ‘feel’ the bass

As well as introducing the company’s first-ever 15-inch subwoofer, M&K Sound’s expert engineering team has added numerous upgrades to the original X Series, including huge RMS and peak wattage power hikes to enable cleaner performance over the former X10 and X12 models, care of brand-new Danish designed and built ICE Class D power amplifiers. (See table below.)

700W RMS/1400W Peak
600W RMS/1200W Peak400W RMS/700W Peak
500W RMS/1000W Peak350W RMS/650W Peak

Updated and redesigned woofers with 30 percent larger voice coils and magnets (X12+ and X10+) facilitate the substantial power output of the new subwoofers, enabling M&K to deliver even more of the subterranean, seat-shaking rumbles for which they are renowned. Additionally, increased linear excursion ensures the handling of this available extra power without ever sacrificing sensitivity or succumbing to distortion. 

Massive, measured performance enhancements over the original X-Series include an ability to let your audience experience new depths with ‘feel it but can’t hear it’ bass frequencies as low as 16Hz (X15+), 18Hz (X12+), and 20Hz (X10+). 

The most advanced subwoofer technologies for the future

New Carbon Fibre Woofer Cones have been developed for all models with ultra-high strength and rigidity to accommodate the added power and excursion of the new X+ Series. M&K Sound’s proprietary CNC-machined extruded aluminum Distortion Killer Shorting Rings also guarantee absolute control and exemplary, distortion-free performance in all settings.

M&K Sound’s iconic Push-Pull subwoofer architecture and ‘reversed double driver’ non-isobaric configuration mean that both drivers in the cabinet are ‘exposed’ to room air. Consequently, and like the X-Series before it, the X+ Series models are effectively two subwoofers in one cabinet enabling a further associated reduction in distortion. This is made possible by having one inverted driver in relation to the other canceling non-linearities to produce totally symmetric waveforms.

The X15+, X12+, and X10+ all feature full 25mm MDF construction and bracing to eliminate panel vibrations or cabinet resonances, and increased venting at the base of the woofers mitigates distortion due to air turbulence. These milled cavities also act as convenient carrying handles for installation efficiency.

M&K Sound’s function and form co-exist in harmony

Cosmetic makeovers for the X+ Series arrive in the form of flush-mounted front baffles and convenient invisible magnetic grille attachment mechanisms. Harmonizing with the bold but Scandi-cool looks of the M&K S150 and S300 speakers, the new subs offer cleaner lines and more discreet curved edges to complement living spaces or dedicated home cinema rooms.

‘We invented subwoofers; now we’ve just re-invented them’

With the THX Certified X+ Series subwoofers, M&K Sound has once again combined revolutionary technologies and design aesthetics to deliver deep bass supported by huge sound pressure levels and extraordinary low-frequency extensions. The real-world performance of these sensational subwoofers is characterized by a fine balance of musicality, detail, power, and absolute authority. The people who invented the subwoofer have just reinvented them. 

The X+Series will be available in January 2022 from authorized M&K Sound dealers for MSRP US $4,499 (X10+), $4,999 (X12+) and $5,999 (X15+). 

Further information about THX Certified loudspeakers is available here.

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