Lincoln Dashboard
Does it feel like you spend a huge part of your day commuting to and from work? You’re not alone. In the U.S., the average, one-way commute time is 26.1 minutes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you commute daily to a full-time job, you might be spending up to 4.35 hours per week, or more than 200 hours per year, in your car! While THX can’t free you of aggressive drivers and rush hour traffic jams, we’re here to help make your commute more enjoyable. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Lincoln to build the ultimate in-vehicle audio system. Now, you can enjoy your favorite audiobook, music, or live sporting event in your 2019 Lincoln like never before. Available as an option in 2019 Lincoln MKC and MKT vehicles equipped with the Reserve package and above, the world-class THX® II Certified Audio System features a range of innovations in sound technology from the acoustic minds at THX. The system puts out 700 watts of power and features 14 strategically placed speakers (including three slot speakers and a subwoofer) to envelop passengers in a truly immersive sound experience. THX II Certified Audio System also features THX Distributed Bass Technology™ to help ensure that deep bass is evenly dispersed throughout the cabin while not being too overbearing for any specific seating position.   But the technological innovations don’t stop there. The THX II Certified Audio System also features the new SYNC 3 system with AppLink, letting you take advantage of thousands of skills via Amazon Alexa, or effortlessly listen to your favorite streaming music service. With SYNC 3, it’s not only easy to listen to your favorite audio entertainment – you can also handle phone calls and control compatible mobile apps and smart home devices while you’re on the go using Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™. Finally, like all THX Certified sound systems and devices, the THX II Certified Audio System in 2019 Lincolns is tuned by the acoustic engineers at THX for ultra-low distortion, a balanced EQ curve, and exquisite detail. It’s sure to give every passenger in your vehicle a front-row seat to the concert, and, hopefully, make your 4.35 weekly commuting hours something to look forward to. For more information on the THX II Certified Audio System or 2019 Lincoln models, please visit the Lincoln website here. Visit the following links for more information about THX Certification and THX Mobile technology. — David “Prz” Przygoda, Technology Lead, Product Marketing