Introducing the World’s First THX® Certified Laptop!

THX certified razer blade pro image 1

THX is proud to announce the release of the first ever THX® Certified Laptop: The Razer Blade Pro, guaranteed to deliver immersive audio and visual experiences you won’t get with any other laptop.

That means eye-popping color and sharp, crystal clear images for gaming, videos, and content creation. You’ll hear every sound vividly through your headphones thanks to a high fidelity output jack that covers the full range of human hearing.

Audio and visual perfection

The Razer Blade Pro features the THX Color Calibration Profile, which delivers high resolution, color accuracy, and smooth video playback. Razer and THX collaborated closely to ensure consistent image quality across the screen for an unrivaled viewing experience.

THX engineering also helped produce a Razer laptop that delivers crisp, undistorted, cinema-perfect sound. We’ve tested the output across frequency response, distortion, and signal-to-noise to ensure the highest level of audio enjoyment.

What does “THX Certified” mean?

Simply put, THX worked together with Razer to make a great laptop even better. We tested the audio and visual capabilities of the device and then made design recommendations on areas of the software and hardware that Razer could improve upon. Razer agreed, creating a laptop that delivers out-of-this-world A/V experiences.

Refined audio performance

To ensure top audio quality, we measured the headphone output for frequency response, output level (being able to turn up volume without distorting,) distortion, and noise. Based on the tests and our design recommendations, Razer made adjustments to their hardware and modified a circuit so that it created less noise, less hiss, and less distortion.

What that means for you: now you can turn up the volume to whatever level you want without having to worry about distortion. This improves the overall listening experience as distortion and noise prevent you from hearing important details of the game or media, negatively affecting how you play the game or understand the story.

HDTV-quality video

For video, we measured the display performance the same way we do a consumer TV. The first thing we did was test the “white point” to make sure that whites don’t show up too blue, too yellow, or some other incorrect color. The brightest whites aren’t the only thing that we adjust.

We also adjust the “grayscale tracking”: the color of white from 5% grey, to 95% white. If the white changes, the important details from the image are color shifted, and the overall characteristics of the movie or game will not match the underlying emotional effects intended by the content creator.

We also tested what we call “full screen grayscale” color tracking. This is where we measure red, green, and blue colors individually as they ramp up from black to color to white. The goal is the smoothest possible transition into and out of each color. We did some calibration that helped smooth out transitions for the primary colors, as it was originally somewhat jagged.

Following our design recommendations, Razer created a laptop with a color calibration profile that delivers an unrivaled viewing experience.

THX Certification means that any visual content you see should qualify as movie or broadcast quality. As long as the video source is good, the images that appear on your screen will be much closer to what the content creator originally intended, greatly improving the entertainment experience.

Look for more THX Certified devices soon

The Razer Blade Pro may be the first THX Certified laptop, but there are more certified devices on the way. Stay tuned to this blog for details on upcoming smartphones, tablets, TVs, and speakers that are all guaranteed to produce mind-bending audio and visual experiences.