THX Launches Rigorous Mobile Certification Program

THX Graphic
New Mobile Certification program designed for smartphones, tablets, and laptops SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — THX Ltd., in striving to uphold the highest audio-visual standards, has announced the creation of a new THX® Mobile Certification program for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Esteemed as a prominent leader in certification of world-class cinemas and consumer electronics, THX recognizes that display and audio settings are key to presenting images and sounds as the creator intended; this new program will provide the highest audio-visual standards possible. THX recently certified the first device under this program, the new, state-of-the-art Razer Blade Pro – Razer’s most powerful laptop to date. Through hundreds of scientifically-formulated tests, THX engineers check panel performance, audio signal path, and headphone amplifier output. THX ensures consistent image quality across the screen, and sound performance to meet audiophile expectations. THX tests to verify that the video and audio hardware can deliver an optimal entertainment experience. Performance benefits include:

THX Color Calibration Profile – provides the user with a pre-calibrated setting for watching movies and video content in industry-standard color, ensuring that movies are experienced with great clarity, free from visual artifacts and distortion. Optimal Audio – provides flat frequency response, high output levels and a low noise floor, making for clear vocals and a dynamic audio platform to enjoy movies, music, and game content.

Razer’s engineers designed the THX Certified Razer Blade Pro with a 17.3-inch 4K IGZO monitor equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology to produce the smoothest possible framerates during gaming and video playback. More information can be found at “Our engineers were highly impressed with the audio-visual progress of the new Razer Blade Pro,” says Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO, THX. “It’s a perfect launch point for our newest certification program, showing the high-quality potential of on-the-go devices and the beginning of things to come.” About THX: Founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas in 1983, THX Ltd. and its partners provide premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, in the home and on the go. Over the past thirty years, THX has expanded its certification categories beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems and THX Live!, a live-entertainment certification program. Today, THX continues to redefine entertainment, providing exciting new technologies and assurance of experiences with superior quality and high performance that guarantee an artist’s vision is truthfully delivered to audiences worldwide. For more information on THX please visit THX Media Contacts: Allied Integrated Marketing Ginger Chan/ Senior Vice President, National Publicity/ [email protected] Nyrie McKenzie/ Publicist – NY / [email protected]