Faq Category: TECHNOLOGY

One way to reduce amplifier power consumption is to reduce the bias current flowing through the output devices. This has two effects: it reduces the idle dissipation (good) but increases the crossover distortion (bad). By applying the THX patented circuit, it is possible to virtually eliminate the crossover distortion while retaining the benefits of lower […]
THX® Spatial Audio can be optimized for playback across all devices (speakers, headphones, laptops, and mobile phones), content types, and listening genres. You can find the current THX Spatial Audio products here.
THX® Spatial Audio enhances stereo and surround sound to deliver the highest level of audio that intensifies soundscapes in all forms of entertainment.
THX® Spatial Audio is a flexible positional audio solution that delivers pinpoint audio accuracy to provide the listener with a heightened, realistic and immersive entertainment experience. Using real-time rendering and spatial positioning of stereo and multichannel content, THX Spatial Audio can be optimized for playback across all devices (speakers, headphones, laptops and mobile phones), content […]
THX Loudness Plus™ is a volume control technology featured in THX Certified Dominus, THX Certified Ultra and THX Certified Select Certified AV Receivers, preamplifiers and amplifiers that automatically adjusts the front-to-back speaker level relationship as you turn the volume down. With THX Loudness Plus, audiences can now experience the rich details of surround sound at […]
PATENTED DISTORTION-REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY. As part of THX’s ongoing pursuit of excellence, our engineers focused on ways to minimize distortion in the audio electronics chain. The THX patented technology uses a unique combination of feedback and feedforward error correction to make the distortion vanishingly small, even with minimal bias current. Our engineers then used this patented […]
THX Loudness Plus incorporates two THX Technologies. As the user changes the volume with multi-channel source content, THX Multi-channel Spectral Balancing™ and THX Dynamic Ambience Preservation™ automatically and seamlessly apply for the appropriate compensation. This delivers a more accurate listening experience at any volume level. THX Multi-channel Spectral Balancing™ Adjusts frequency response to counter the […]
The distortion reduction in the THX AAA™ technology has an additional benefit: it dramatically reduces power supply-induced distortion and noise — a high PSRR (power supply rejection ratio). This means it can achieve exceptionally low noise and distortion floors. In any amplifier, when the power supply works hard under heavy load conditions, it can sag […]
Crossover distortion occurs in many amplifiers when the audio signal is “handed off” from an amplifier’s positive-going output device to its negative-going device and vice versa. This transition is never perfect, resulting in crossover distortion that is spiky in nature and rich in high-frequency distortion products. This is easily heard. Moreover, the problem becomes more […]
THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (AAA) is an analog amplifier technology that combines the qualities of the finest Class A amplifiers with greatly reduced energy consumption. It has the ability to drive heavy and difficult headphone and loudspeaker loads to full output while maintaining impeccable performance. THX AAA™ produces the purest performance of any amplification technology […]