The distortion reduction in the THX AAA technology has an additional benefit: it dramatically reduces power supply-induced distortion and noise — a high PSRR (power supply rejection ratio). This means it can achieve exceptionally low noise and distortion floors.

In any amplifier, when the power supply works hard under heavy load conditions, it can sag and ripple, introducing unwanted distortion and noise in the amplifier output signal. The THX patented solution is particularly effective in blocking power supply ripple from reaching the output.

That means more of what you hear is music, and less of what you hear is the character of the power supply noise associated with the amplifier.

Combining this with meticulous layout and design, the THX AAA technology delivers a signal- to – noise ratio (SNR) in excess of 130 dB — this is 30 dB greater than most amplifiers. That’s 30 times less noise than typical amplifiers — the perfect amplifier for a high-resolution audio playback system.