Outstanding sound is not just about having great speakers. The integration of acoustic-enhancing elements in a cinema such as absorptive paneling and isolating wall structures provide significant improvement in clear, immersive audio.
To achieve THX certification, the cinema projection booth must be accurately placed in relation to the screen for the best viewing experience. If the projection booth is not correctly positioned and installed, the projected image will have a keystone or trapezoid effect. CORRECTLY INSTALLED PROJECTOR BOOTH WELL-DESIGNED PROJECTION SYSTEM In a THX Certified Cinema, the […]
The relative positioning of the screen and projector along with the size of the image are essential components of the best cinema experience. When correctly installed and well-designed, viewers can enjoy a mesmerizing image free from distortion.
A well-crafted loudspeaker layout and baffle wall help produce the unique, powerful sound expected in a cinema. This type of speaker configuration is behind the most captivating movie screenings.
The background noise level from the auditorium HVAC unit is measured and cannot exceed NC-30  at any octave band. High levels of background noise can mask subtle effects in the film soundtrack, which is not acceptable in a THX Certified auditorium.
Every auditorium is tested to ensure that noise sources such as adjacent auditoriums, street traffic, and concession equipment do not distract the moviegoer from enjoying the movie.
The projected image quality must meet THX specifications. Screen luminance, image contrast, color calibration and accuracy, and focus resolution are evaluated by THX by using standard industry test equipment, test images, and proprietary test patterns. The projected image is measured and evaluated to verify the entire image size is projected on the screen with minimum […]
Components for the auditorium sound system are selected from the THX Approved Equipment List and integrated into the auditorium by the THX Design Office. THX inspects the equipment installation for the correct placement and aiming of loudspeakers. A THX Certified auditorium’s sound system is calibrated to THX and industry standards using THX approved audio spectrum […]
A testing program at the THX Office prequalifies the equipment used in the sound system of a THX certified cinema. Component approval is based on a series of tests that verify the applicability of the product design, performance, and ability to be easily integrated and installed with other components on the THX Approved Equipment List. […]
To ensure the best possible viewing and listening experience, THX recommends having a well-designed room with an impressive screen size and a 36 degree viewing angle from the farthest seat in the auditorium. A larger screen allows for a wider placement of left and right audio channels, enhancing room acoustics and creating a more accurate […]