EVOO Launches New Lineup of Immersive Gaming Laptops on Amazon.com

EVOO Gaming laptops featuring THX Spatial Audio and Tuned By THX

Intel- and AMD-powered EVOO laptops feature THX® Spatial Audio technology, and Tuned by THX™ audio and displays to bring gamers a powerful, immersive, realistic gaming experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2020 – EVOO, a private-label electronics brand, today announced a lineup of four new powerful, attractive, and cost effective EVOO devices designed for gamers. The new EVOO Gaming laptops, powered by Intel and AMD ranging from 15.6 to 17.3 inches, are now available on Amazon.com. The power packed EVOOs feature THX® Spatial Audio technology for immersive audio that enhances sound localization for listening over headphones when connected to the 3.5mm jack and from the device’s built-in speakers. The devices have also been Tuned by THX™ audio for balanced, clear sound; and three of the new EVOO Gaming laptops feature displays that have been Tuned by THX to provide vibrant colors and crisp visual contrast adding to the action, adventure, and realism of the game play experience.

“We are pleased to support EVOO Gaming’s launch of this exceptional new line of laptops featuring THX technologies,” said Jason Fiber, senior vice president and general manager, mobile technologies, THX Ltd. “They are designed to give gamers an authentic multidimensional audio experience that places them at the center of the action with THX Spatial Audio technology. Our THX engineers also worked diligently to calibrate the displays and speakers, so the devices offer both quality viewing and listening experiences.” 

EVOO Gaming Laptops – THX Spatial Audio and Tuned by THX for audio and for displays

The EVOO gaming laptops, now available on Amazon.com, are optimized for dedicated and new gamers to take their gaming experience to the next level. The EVOO gamer will have the option of enjoying THX stereo as well as THX Spatial Audio over 3.5mm headphones to experience three-dimensional audio immersion. Gamers become fully immersed in an authentic experience that transports them into the computer game environment with true-to-life acoustics empowering them to accurately locate enemies, avoid dangers, and detect threats with the precision and pin-point accuracy of advanced audio positioning. THX Spatial Audio may also help reduce ear and brain fatigue by moving sounds perceptibly farther away from the player to encourage mental sharpness enabling longer playtime. 

Recognizing that great content needs exceptional graphics, the EVOO Gaming laptops also feature Tuned by THX for displays resulting in a compelling and accurate viewing experience. THX engineers spend countless hours testing, tuning, and adjusting a myriad of display parameters to provide exceptional, crisp display color and images for the best possible video experience right out of the box.   

The four performance-series EVOO Gaming laptops featuring Microsoft Windows 10, now available on Amazon.com, include:

  • EG-LP7: 15.6-inch Full HD 72% -144Hz display Tuned by THX, AMD Ryzen 7 (Renoir) processor, Nvidia 2060 RTX graphics card, 512GB SSD and 16GB dual channel memory, featuring Tuned by THX audio and for displays, and THX Spatial Audio (US$1199.99*),
  • EG-LP8: 15.6-inch Full HD 72% -144Hz display Tuned by THX, Intel i7-10th Gen processor, Nvidia 2060 RTX graphics card, 512GB SSD and 16GB dual channel memory, featuring Tuned by THX audio and for displays, and THX Spatial Audio ($1399.99*),
  • EG-LP9: 17.3-inch Full HD 72% -144Hz display Tuned by THX, Intel i7-10th Gen processor, Nvidia 2060 RTX graphics card, 512GB SSD and 16GB dual channel memory, featuring Tuned by THX audio and for displays and THX Spatial Audio ($1499.99*), and
  • EG-LP10: 15.6-inch Full HD 72% -120Hz, Intel i5-10th Gen processor, Nvidia 1650 GTX graphics card, 256GB SSD and 8GB memory, featuring Tuned by THX audio, as well as THX Spatial Audio (US$849.99*).

“It is extraordinary to bring together legendary technology with such partners as THX, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Microsoft to provide this powerful, immersive gaming laptop on Amazon,” said Rodney Rad, from the EVOO product team. “EVOO is pleased to expand our offering of unparalleled quality at attainable price points across our product mix with these new consumer electronics devices augmented for gamers.”

For further information about Tuned by THX and THX Spatial Audio integrated into EVOO products please visit www.thx.com/evoo. EVOO products are available on Amazon hereherehere and here, and check back regularly for *Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional pricing.

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