DROP and THX open preorders for the DROP+THX ONE amplifier, featuring THX AAA technology

We teamed up with our great partners at DROP to build another stellar linear amplifier for audiophiles. Since we’re involved, you know it comes with our critically acclaimed THX AAA technology. 

The DROP+THX ONE powers your favorite headphones with ease while providing sound at ridiculously low levels of noise – less than one microvolt to be exact. Plus, the DROP+THX ONE can act as a pre-amplifier output so listeners can select between their powered speakers and headphones on the fly. 

If you’re looking for a simplistically beautiful linear amplifier to unify your home system, you’d be hard-pressed to beat the DROP+THX ONE. It’s on sale today at the DROP website.

For those of you wondering, THX AAA is the world’s most linear amplifier technology. THX AAA provides an uncompromised listening experience by delivering hi-fi audio with minuscule levels of noise, distortion, and power consumption. If you’re interested in learning how THX AAA can help your next project, drop us a line