Debuting at CES 2017: The THX AAA™ Headphone Amplifier

THX AAA Headphone Amplifier prototype
The New Year is almost upon us, and for us technology fans that means one thing: CES is just around the corner. The world’s largest showcase for consumer electronics, CES 2017 will run from January 5–8 in Las Vegas. Last year over 177,000 people attended, and this year it’s expected to be even bigger. Adding to the hype, we’re debuting the new THX AAA™ headphone amplifier for music, movies, and VR at this year’s CES. This technology will completely revolutionize the way product engineers think about headphone design, providing superior audio quality with unimaginably low distortion and long battery life. Headphone distortion: An age-old problem Every conventional headphone amplifier significantly distorts sound, producing static and noise that remind us we’re listening to an artificial experience. Loud bass is particularly susceptible to distortion, crackling or buzzing when our media gets too intense. Fiddling with various audio settings can reduce the effect, but no one’s ever been able to solve the problem completely. Until now. The world’s lowest level of headphone distortion THX engineers set out to develop a new low-distortion, low-power amplifier topology. The result? THX AAA™, a headphone amplifier that bests every competing product in the marketplace. THX AAA™ uses a patented feed-forward error correction topology to cancel conventional distortion mechanisms. It reduces harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortions by 20–100x for an unbelievably realistic and fatigue-free listening experience. In our demonstrations, its performance approaches the limits of the world’s best audio analyzer. Check out our video of the demo: Shrink your battery. Shrink your product. With the release of the headphone-jack-less iPhone 7, wireless headphones are hotter than ever. That introduces a new factor into the headphone equation: battery life. Product engineers are looking for ways to maximize battery power in their designs. But they need to do it without creating bulky, heavy products that ruin the experience for consumers. Lucky for them, THX AAA™ provides the perfect solution to both problems. THX AAA™ lowers power consumption by a factor of 10 for incredibly long battery life. How? By dramatically reducing bias currents from 10–100x — all without raising distortion. THX AAA™ also operates from a single 3.6V battery in a convenient modular solution that includes power supply. This allows designers to reduce battery size, paving the way for smaller products and providing more headroom for other components. Coming soon — the world’s greatest headphones Product engineers all over the world are psyched about THX AAA™ amplifiers, and it’s hard to blame them. With the lowest distortion levels on the market, long battery life, and a small form factor, THX AAA™ is set to help designers create headphones that guarantee the highest quality audio experience. Are you a designer thinking about using THX AAA™ amplifiers in your latest product, or a consumer excited about the possibility of virtually distortion-free headphone audio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.