Why Should You Get Your Products THX Certified?

THX Certified Plaque
Certified THX More and more, consumers are looking for the “Certified by THX” label when they buy home theater equipment. But what exactly does THX Certification mean? What goes into the process? And what’s in it for your business? Read on to find out. The collaborative process THX is dedicated to working closely with our partners in helping them achieve certification. And if you choose to work with us, that’s exactly what you’ll be—a partner. We’ll start by sharing our specifications with you before you even apply (under NDA, of course). That way you can gauge your interest up-front and avoid wasted time and costs. Next, we’ll provide you with a test kit that lets you evaluate your product yourself before you submit to us for certification. This gives you the highest possible chance of success while helping you identify strengths and weaknesses early on. Certification Process The certification process Once you’re ready, you can submit your product to THX for review. We’ll use a variety of bespoke and industry-standard measuring tools to test the device. If your device doesn’t meet our specifications, our job isn’t over. We’ll supply you with detailed test results and provide counsel and engineering expertise to help you raise the quality of your product. Once your device meets the performance and quality standards of the specification, we’ll send you a detailed report along with any firmware/software requirements for mass production. Finally, we’ll retest the retail product to ensure certification compliance. THX Certified Speaker   How THX certification helps your business There are many benefits to certification, including:

Better product performance. Our world-class experts will help you create products that outpace your competition across every metric.

Marketing differentiators. As a “THX-certified” product, your device will stand apart on the shelves and offer consumers extra incentive to buy.

Higher price points. THX-certified products are perceived as premium and top-of-the-line, allowing you to charge more for them. This will boost revenue and protect your margins.

Increased sales. For decades, consumers have associated the THX brand with ultimate entertainment quality. Adding the “Certified by THX” logo will enhance customer confidence in your product, leading to higher sales.

Learn more about our programs THX offers certification for an increasing array of devices. Check out our certification page or the links below to learn more about a specific program, and see how we’re helping businesses like yours create better products or content, boost sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Audio

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