THX Certifies second ultra-short throw projector from Fengmi

Appotronics Laser Home Cinema D30 projector

Great news for people who love giant THX Certified screens!

The brand new model of the Appotronics Laser Home Cinema D30 by Fengmi – when used in conjunction with Fengmi’s Formovie Ultra-short Throw Projector ALR Screen 100″ F1 – earned THX Certification for HD and 4K SDR. This pair of products provides our movie-loving audience in China with more big-screen options to enjoy in the comfort of their living rooms. 

For those not in the know, ultra-short throw projectors sit at the screen’s base and “throw” the image up and out, instead of across the room. That makes ultra-short throw projectors a novel solution for users looking for the largest screen possible in a small area.

Since the Appotronics Laser Home Cinema D30 projector is THX Certified, home-theater enthusiasts in China will get a viewing experience with a crisp picture and accurate colors, so they can view their favorite entertainment the way the creators intended.

 Plus, it’ll be on a massive screen. 

The Appotronics Laser Home Cinema D30 projector is on sale in China and is available for purchase from designated dealers

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