How THX Partnership Benefits KEF Products

THX works with KEF products in a number of ways.

THX Certified KEF Products

Bring the theater home with KEF’s Extreme Home Theater line of THX Certified speakers and subwoofers, setting the standard for architectural loudspeakers.

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THX Certification 

THX Certification ensures KEF loudspeakers provide crisp clean audio to drive the emotional depth, texture and immediacy as envisioned by the sound artist. THX Certified loudspeakers pass hundreds of lab tests to guarantee precisely this level of performance every time, including tests for axial frequency response, distortion, output and dispersion. Multiple KEF architectural products have achieved Select, Ultra and Dominus Certifications.

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THX Certified Demonstration Theater

KEF has created the most accurate listening experience possible at the THX Certified demonstration cinema in their Marlboro New Jersey Music Lounge. A THX Certified demo room featuring THX Certified Ultra loudspeakers and subwoofers, both the theater’s individual loudspeaker performance as well as the listening and viewing environment of the entire room have been expertly tested, adjusted, and verified to provide a stunning and accurate entertainment experience for all listeners.

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KEF THX Certified Music Lounge Theatre

Read more about the THX Certified Demonstration Cinema located in the KEF Music Louge here.

KEF THX Certified Music Lounge Theatre Play

KEF's THX Certified Music Listening Lounge Theatre

KEF Music Lounge Theater Play

How THX Certification helps the KEF Music Lounge home theater perform at its best

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Interested in the premium cinematic listening experience at the KEF demo room? The KEF Music Lounge Theater is by appointment only through an authorized retailer.

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Interested in bringing that experience to your home? KEF can help you recreate that premium listening experience found in the KEF Music Lounge at-home with the help of one of KEF’s premium authorized custom installers. 

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