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If you require support for THX Spatial Audio on your EVOO Gaming device, please fill out this form and THX will respond to you shortly. If you have questions or problems relating to any issue other than THX Spatial Audio please visit the EVOO support website.



Featuring THX Spatial Audio and Tuned by THX for Audio and Display

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Featuring Tuned by THX  Display.

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Enjoy the pinpoint accuracy and true-to-life realism of immersive entertainment like never before. THX Spatial Audio puts you in the center of the action in an immersive bubble of sound where you’ll hear explosions in front, dinosaurs above, and unnerving whispers behind you. Enhance your movies and TV shows and gain the competitive edge in your next game with THX Spatial Audio.

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Tuned by THX displays have been tested and tuned to provide great contrast and rich, vibrant colors, enabling the best picture possible through a THX video mode that mirrors the professional display settings used by filmmakers and broadcast professionals. Tuned by THX for audio also delivers an enhanced listening experience through custom fidelity improvements, balanced reproduction, and optimal frequency response. So your favorite shows, sports, games, and movies look and sound terrific from the moment you power on your laptop.

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Experiences built on a legacy of Audio/Visual excellence

Legendary filmmaker George Lucas founded THX in 1983 to develop much-needed specifications for cinema design and acoustics, along with the highest standards for audio and video products. Today THX continues to redefine entertainment with exciting new technologies and certified experiences which provide consumers with superior audio and visual fidelity, and ensure an artist’s vision is truthfully delivered to audiences worldwide. In the cinema, at home and on the go, you know you’re getting the best entertainment experience with THX.

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