For a cinema to attain THX Certification, it has to faithfully emulate the exact acoustics and ambiance of a THX Certified Studio. Working in collaboration with cinema owners, THX uses a combination of precise speaker placement, rigorous testing and auditorium design to provide the perfect entertainment experience.


THX Certified Cinemas are often confused with sound technologies from Dolby and DTS. They are very different. THX Certified Cinemas meet standards and use the best practices covering architectural design, acoustics, sound isolation and audio-visual equipment performance. 


The THX Design Office works in tandem with cinema staff, project architects, acoustical consultants, contractors and equipment installers. From this unique collaboration a THX design package of architectural and technical drawings is created specifically for each room, addressing room acoustics, sound design and picture.


The THX Design office selects components for the auditorium sound system from the THX Approved Equipment List, then integrates them into the auditorium. THX then inspects the equipment installation for the correct placement and aiming of loudspeakers. The sound system is then calibrated to THX and industry standards using THX approved audio spectrum analyzers and test equipment.


In addition to creating the initial layout of the theater THX tests and calibrates room acoustics, projection system and sound system to ensure optimum presentation.


THX Cinema Services manages on-site installation and integration for digital cinema and beyond. THX Cinema Services brings a network of highly trained technicians and independent resources to provide support and maintenance solutions to theater operators. Use the form below to get in contact with us to learn more about our Cinema Services.


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