THX Home Theater Graphic
There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on upgrading your home theater system to sit and watch the first film with utter disappointment. Crackling speakers through which you can’t understand any dialogue, a display that reflects the window behind the sofa instead of a fine-tuned picture, and a subwoofer that seems to do little more than rattle your collection of fine china. Designing a good home theater is easy once you have an understanding of all the things that can affect the overall experience – like lighting, seating, viewing distance and equipment selection. THX is launching an educational video series, THX Home Theater Made Easy, addressing many of the issues consumers face when setting up an optimal home theater and giving expert advice on the “THX Approach.” The first THX Home Theater Made Easy video series, “Modern Challenges,” applies the THX approach to an owner’s challenging Eichler designed home featuring giant glass windows, post and beam construction and open floor plan. This video series will be syndicated by HomeTheaterReview.com and can be found in the educational section of their website. The segments will be released periodically beginning Nov. 29 and cover specific topics ranging from seating position and speaker placement to surround speaker technologies and what to look for when selecting a compatible audio video receiver (AVR). To learn more about the THX Home Theater Made Easy video series and to make certain you don’t miss out on each of the new installments, follow both THX and HomeTheaterReview.com on Facebook, or visit HomeTheaterReview.com to find the latest videos and tips. Click here to watch Episodes I, II & III: How To Build a Home Theater In a Less Than Perfect Room Click here to watch Episodes II, IV & V: Picking and Placing Your Display, Speakers and Subwoofer by THX Click here to watch Episodes VII, VII & VIII: Selecting Surround Speakers, Electronics and Remote Controls From THX Click here to watch Episodes IX, X, XI: Speaker Aiming, Device Settings and THX Optimizer.