THX in Collaboration with Chinese Cinema Experts at Annual MPAA Summit in Hollywood

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THX Sponsors MPAA Co-Production Event and Co-hosts Closing Ceremonies at ArcLight Cinemas. Hollywood, CA (November 02, 2015) – THX Ltd., synonymous with the design and certification of world-class cinemas and production studios, will promote technical improvement in moviegoing experiences as a participating sponsor of the Fifth Annual China International Co-Production Film Screenings in Los Angeles on November 2 – 6, 2015. Hosted by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the conference seeks to foster a greater exchange of creative ideas and strengthen the bond between Chinese and American film industries. THX and MPAA will co-host the summit’s Closing Ceremony at the THX Certified ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood, which will include a private screening of SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond adventure. Support for the 2015 MPPA Summit is another commitment by THX to the global expansion of the brand. Business has been thriving since THXs entry into the China marketplace one year ago; launching THX Certified auditoriums throughout key cities Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Hangzhou by end of this year. Through strategic industry partnerships with prominent entities such as China Film Group, China Giant Screen and the Test Institute of Film Technical Quality of SAPPRFT, THX has risen as an irrefutable benchmark for the next level of global cinematic experiences in China’s booming film industry. Over the past decade, China has exploded into one of the largest and most influential film markets around the world, second only to North America. China’s box office growth surged nearly 50% in the first half of 2015 and has been steadily increasing ever since. “As China’s film industry continues to grow, so does our commitment to offering the highest standard of cinematic entertainment,” explains Louis Cacciuttolo, THX Executive Vice-President of International Business Development and Brand Strategy. “We’ll continue to challenge the threshold of global cinema audio and visual quality, while always honoring the original artist’s intent – just as we’ve done for the last 30 years.” THX has certified over 4,000 cinemas worldwide to-date – including the world-renowned ArcLight in Hollywood where the annual MPPA summit will conclude – upholding its longstanding history as a company that defines standards and specifications for cinema acoustics, sound system design and image quality. About THX: Founded by George Lucas 30 years ago and recognized by audiences around the globe, THX is synonymous with the certification of world-class cinemas and recording studios, premium audio systems for home and automotive applications along with high definition and 4K displays. THX develops and licenses new technologies and specifications for audio and video applications. For more information on THX please visit Media Contacts: Allied Integrated Marketing Ginger Chan / Vice President, National Publicity/ [email protected] Nyrie McKenzie/ Publicist – NY / [email protected]