New THX Certified Headphones Hit the Market, delivering high fidelity experiences to listeners on-the-go

1MORE True-wireless ANC headphones next to a laptop

THX has excellent news for music-lovers trying to fit THX® Certification in a pocket or bag. 

1More + THX Certification

As of September 2020, four pairs of headphones have launched with THX Certification. The latest belongs to 1MORE, who deserve a special shoutout. Back in 2019, 1MORE jump-started the THX Certification program for headphones with the critically acclaimed Triple and Quad driver in-ear headphones. 1MORE, being great collaborators, continue to help push THX Certification forward with the launch of the very first pair of wireless headphones to achieve THX Certification, the True Wireless ANC In-ear Headphones. 

Razer + THX Certification

If you prefer over-ear headphones for comfort, we helped Razer launch the THX Certified Opus headphones earlier this year. These active-noise canceling headphones are Razer’s first music-focused product. When the Opus released, it punched well above its price point in terms of sound quality and earned critical acclaim. 

DROP + THX Certification + THX Technology

As 2020 marches on, more THX Certified headphones will debut. Most notably, DROP’s Panda headphones, which are currently pending THX Certification, and pack THX AAA technology for the ultimate audiophile experience. 

The speakers might be smaller for headphones, but the THX Certification process has the same care and attention to detail and rigorous standards as our other Certification processes. As part of our thorough testing methodology, we make sure the frequency response is balanced. We offer extensive feedback to the manufacturing design team, so all the elements of your music work in harmony, and sound as the artist intended. We test the distortion against the output. So when the volume goes up, the quality of your music doesn’t go down. Lastly, we make sure the headphones’ sound isolation is up to the task of blocking out an officemate’s rowdy conference call, the droning of a jet engine, or a loud commuter train. 

Helm + THX Certification + THX Technology

If you prefer to listen to your existing favorite pair of wired headphones, don’t worry, we have something for you. We partnered with HELM Audio to build and launch the DB12 AAAMP cable. It offers both THX Certification and THX AAA technology, and provides listeners with the extra power to make music sound wonderful and distortion-free. Plus, HELM is working on the Bolt, a USB DAC/AMP that’ll play a wide range of music files from MP3s to MQA and high-res. 

Learn more about the THX Certification Headphone program, head over to this link; if you have a product that you think would be a fit for THX Certification, drop us a line. If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, we hope you consider a pair that’s THX Certified.