How to Set Up Your Living Room for The Big Game

Are you ready for some football?

It’s the Sunday of the biggest game of the season and your family and friends are coming over to watch the football game. We’ll leave the snacks to you, but if you want to bring your party to the next level, THX has tips on how to get the best viewing experience possible for the big game.

Eliminate Unnecessary Light and Glare
Close the blinds or pull the curtains to help prevent the room from getting super bright. This also helps limit direct glare that might be visible on a flat panel display. You can do this by viewing your television set from all seating positions possible to see if there are any bad reflections, distracting lights or sunlight that appears on the display. If you have a THX Certified display, it comes with the THX Bright Room Mode which optimizes your television when you’re watching in a well-lit room.

Have a Direct View
Parties for the big game tend to get crowded and some creativity may be necessary to make sure that everyone at your party has a good view of the television. If you and your party-goers have a direct view of the screen, then black levels and color saturation will be maintained, ensuring everyone sees a great picture. To achieve this view, it may require some people to move their seats, but the better viewing angle will be worth it.

Optimize the TV’s Picture and Sound Settings
Select an Accurate Picture Mode
To achieve the best picture quality, make sure you select a picture mode that will present accurate colors. If your television is not THX Certified, this can be a Cinema/Movie Mode, Standard Mode or Calibrated Mode. Even though you are watching the big game, Cinema/Movie Mode is a great choice to use since it closely adheres to the colors used in all HD broadcasts, movies or sports. Once you select the right picture mode, you may need to increase the backlight or contrast to ensure the image is bright yet still comfortable.

Check the Speaker Locations
Are your speakers located in optimal positions? If you’re not 100% sure they are, consider the following factors: room acoustics, eliminating any obstacles in the speaker’s path, and their specific location and orientation. For example, the best place for your front left and right speakers are, naturally, to the left and right of the listening/viewing position, with each aimed to the primary seating area. If you are using bookshelf speakers on stands, they should be aligned to ear height when seated.

Check the Bass
If you want to hear the deep bass notes during the game, consider utilizing a subwoofer, if it’s not already a part of your home theater setup. Subwoofers provide the “wow factor” when it comes to hearing the impacts from the big hits happening on the field.

Enjoy the Game

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the big game! Whether you’re a 49ers fan, a Chiefs fan or just want to watch the halftime show, we can all agree that having the best entertainment experience is key. Implement the tips we provided and you and your party-goers will enjoy the best viewing experience for this year’s big football game.

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