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When you go to the movies and see the THX letters come up on the big screen with THX Deep Note playing through the sound system, you know you’re in for a good entertainment experience. However, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to bring that experience to life.

THX Certified Cinemas hold the promise of delivering the director’s vision with the best visuals and sound experiences possible. A theater that doesn’t just provide dazzling sight and sound, but one that perfectly embraces you into the film.

What differentiates a THX Certified Cinema from other cinemas?

THX helps cinema owners design the best theaters possible. This is achieved through a unique combination of loudspeaker integration, architectural design and the construction of the theater itself. Built from the ground up, THX certifies the performance of the room itself – not the movie.

The design starts with the auditorium geometry. THX evaluates the room shape and image sizes to make sure that the pictures are large and enveloping – with an overarching goal that every audience member gets the best viewing experience possible. The position of the projection booth is as equally important. An incorrectly positioned projector may result in excessive projection distortion that could make a rectangular box look trapezoidal on the screen.

With audio playing a 50% role in good entertainment experiences, proper sound isolation is vital to keep distractions to a minimum. THX can’t stop your cell phone from ringing, but we can prevent unwanted sounds from entering the auditorium. By reinforcing walls and ensuring an isolating air gap between theaters, noise from nearby theaters and the outside world won’t permeate through and tear you back to reality.

But what about sound quality inside the theater?

Equipment selection and placement are essential to guaranteeing on-screen localization. This means dialog, music and sound effects are played exactly where the movie’s sound mixer intended.

The best sound systems in the world will sound bad in auditoriums with poor room acoustics. Untreated theater walls and ceilings can create unwanted sound reflections or echoes that smear the audio, making it difficult to hear. Sound reflections can mask other sounds, not only reducing the overall sound quality, but in some cases may also make the dialog difficult to understand and special effects hard to localize. THX Cinema certification ensures razor-sharp audio focus and smooth, realistic sound. All of these items combine to make the speakers and auditorium disappear – letting you enjoy the movie that much more.

What’s the result? When you go to a THX Certified Cinema and the THX logo appears, you can be sure that what follows is the ultimate movie experience.

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