It’s a sad fact, but most people never adjust their televisions. Think of it, countless settings left in their default positions, the performance of the system never reaching its full potential. If simple menus settings are never adjusted, there is little chance that other aspects of the system are setup correctly. From aspect ratios to surround modes, a potentially amazing A/V system crippled to a fraction of its would-be self.

Into this terrifying morass steps THX Media Director, a THX technology designed to ensure maximum performance, all with no additional effort from the user.

By year’s end, a host of new partners will be releasing THX Media Director-enabled audio and video products, along with a wide range of new enabled content, promising a future of simpler home theater setup.

How THX Media Director Works

THX Media Director works in three stages. The first is during content creation and post production where metadata (information) is collected to describe specific AV creative and technical characteristics.

Then it’s on to the second stage where the metadata is associated with each program and distributed with the content – whether it be optical discs, downloads, broadcasts or streaming services.

The last stage is playback at home. THX Media Director enabled devices, such as Blu-ray players, AV receivers and displays, act upon the metadata to automatically select the appropriate playback settings.

This process is seamless to the consumer. They never have to fiddle with remotes, or worry about any complicated menus. It’s that easy. With the end result being an entertainment experience that’s faithful to the artist’s intent.

Companies such as LG, JVC, Epson and Onkyo will be coming out with products with THX Media Director built-in later this year, and early next. Sonic Solutions, the parent company of Roxio and CinemaNow, has promised that they will incorporate THX Media Director into their widely used content creation tools (i.e. Blu-ray authoring) as well as embed the technology into their streaming content.

Benefits for Everyone

THX has always been about ensuring the best performance from every piece of gear in a system. THX Certified products are well known to be standouts in their respective categories. The problem is, once that product is in the home, all bets are off – it’s up to the consumer to find the playback settings for the best entertainment experience.

With THX Media Director, this “last mile” is addressed. All the settings that can be adjusted are automatically set, allowing consumers to maximize the features on their home theater equipment. Until THX can beam a hologram calibrator into homes (replete with Deep Note, of course), THX Media Director is the best option to ensure optimal system performance on a per-content basis.

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