Image courtesy of Klipsch

Most married men will testify that their wives have majority vote in the layout and decoration of almost every room in their home. In the kitchen she decided where the plates go, in the bathroom she picked out the chartreuse colored floor mats and matching hand towels, and only days after your wedding she likely broke your heart by coercing you into throwing out your black leather sofa which she replaced with a microfiber neutral tone sectional with no built in recliners! She likely even invited you to come along and pick out the new sectional, but know that her true motive was only to have you tie the sofa down once loaded into your pickup. You relent to her power and one day shortly after you’re standing in your garage recollecting the lectures you gave her on Blu-ray vs DVD; CD vs Vinyl. That was a few years ago and she actually seemed interested in the topics. Back then you were just dating but now, life is different. Today you have two kids, toys scattered throughout the house, nearly a dozen throw pillows covering the top of your bed, and your kid’s tricycle is parked in the garage where your Ducati 1098 used to sit. Pondering upon this a bit longer you realize that there are only two days a year where you’re the boss in this family; your Birthday and Father’s Day. Father’s Day is right around the corner and rather than hoping you don’t receive one more neck tie or have to endure another dinner at Applebee’s, this year you should ask for something in advance. If circumstances allow, ask for your own room; ask to build a Man Cave.

For some the Man Cave will be filled with old arcade games and a billiards table. For others it’ll be a shrine to music and the Rock Star lifestyle you once hoped to live. For video and audiophiles the Man Cave is all about the ultimate Home Theater experience. Whatever your desire, consider making the construction of your Man Cave a family event. Your wife and kids can help you paint the walls and later hang your old sports memorabilia throughout the room. Your kids will have a blast and your wife will be relieved knowing you’ll no longer keep trying to close the living room curtains every time you sit down to watch the game.

The center feature of a THX Man Cave is a high-end Home Theater system that reproduces all the details of your favorite music, movies and games just as the artist intended. If you crave the deep blacks and vivid colors of a plasma, consider a THX Certified Panasonic GT or VT series television. If going big is your goal, pick up a Stewart Grayhawk RS projector screen and a JVC DLA-X90R 3D projector. A great choice in speakers is the M&K Sound 950 series system or the Teufel System 10. Once you’ve made these decisions look into one of the Pioneer or Onkyo THX Certified A/V Receivers. Read through our past published THX install tips to make certain that you’re getting the most out of your system. If you don’t have the know-how or tools to properly calibrate your Home Theater system call a THX Certified Professional who can perform this task for you.

Once your place of solace is finished and you’ve had the inaugural game night, from time to time don’t forget to invite your wife and kids to watch a good movie in your favorite room of the house. The Man Cave shouldn’t alienate you from the rest of your family; it should merely be a place where you are the boss. Making certain that your loved ones have a good time in the Man Cave ensures it a much better chance of survival against future attempts at repurposing the space into something else…like a craft room.