Getting the Most out of Your HDTV

Did you get the HDTV you’d been wishing for this Holiday Season? If so, after you take it out of the box and plug it in, the next thing to do is get it properly calibrated – and THX is here to make sure you get the most out of your entertainment experience.

Tips for a Spectacular Super Bowl Setup

It’s the TV spectacle of the year. No other single event lends itself so perfectly to a party centered around a big screen. Whether your Super Bowl planning involves one TV or multiple TVs, big screens or little, we’ve put together some helpful tips to make sure everything gets set up correctly for game day.

THX Calibrator Blu-ray Disc Explained

Now, all participants in THX’s Training get an added bonus: the THX Calibrator Disc. More than just a simple set up disc, the THX Calibrator Disc is a valuable tool loaded with patterns and tests that make A/V set up and calibration faster and more accurate. With this one disc and a few pieces of measurement gear, a trained THX Certified Professional Video Calibrator can quickly get a system performing at its finest.

Tips to Avoid a Rocky Horror Home Theater Set up

Does the thought of setting up your home theater equipment freak you out? If so, you are not alone. Here are the Top 5 Scariest Mistakes and some remedies to make sure you hear every bump in the night this Halloween.

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