May the smart content be with you

Imagine this: You unwrap a shiny new copy of your favorite Star Wars movie (doesn’t matter which one, we won’t judge). You place the disc in your Blu-ray player, and in moments the player, your receiver, and your television all subtly adjust to correctly configure their various settings, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Such wizardry will be possible not thanks to the Force, but thanks to THX Media Director™.

THX Media Director works behind-the-scenes ensuring that your system will use the optimal settings to match the content. Embedded in the content at the source (the mastering studio), THX Media Director has information such as aspect ratio, surround sound format, 3D format, number of audio channels, and more. This data is read by the THX Media Director enabled gear, like future Blu-ray players, receivers, and TVs. Each piece then configures itself based on the information in the content.

THX was created to better the experience of moviegoers by making certain they were getting the best possible presentation of the movie. THX Media Director is a logical extension of that original goal.

With the THX Media Director foundation in place, THX also announced that the soon to be released Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray will be the first Blu-ray disc with THX Media Director enabled content on discs 1-6, available across several territories, including USA/Canada. Marking an almost 30 year relationship, THX worked closely with Lucasfilm to identify and preserve the best possible picture and sound playback settings so fans can sit back and experience Star Wars as it was intended.

The Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray is just the start of an increasing portfolio of THX Media Director enabled content, including a library of web streaming content. But as you can see, content is just the beginning of the THX Media Director chain. That’s where the silicon chip manufacturers come in.

All consumer products these days have multiple media processors (chips) inside doing all the heavy lifting. Chances are, at least one of those chips comes from Analog Devices, Sigma Designs, or Silicon Image. Each of these companies has recently announced support for THX Media Director. By incorporating THX Media Director at the chip level, it is easier than ever for easier for CE manufacturers to implement THX Media Director™ into Blu-ray players, AV receivers, TVs and projectors. Consumers can expect to see more products that support THX Media Director in the months to come.

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