Until now, smaller, more compact speaker systems have been about convenience and form factor rather than performance. Well, times are changing, and recent advances in technology and design have challenged this precedent. Today, it’s quite possible for smaller speaker systems to deliver excellent sound experiences.

THX is here to make sure you get the best performance for your buck by unveiling the THX Compact Speaker System certification program.

For many people, even a THX Select2 Certified system (speakers designed to power rooms up to 2,000 cu/ft) would be overkill given the size of their room. However, up until now the market for smaller spaces has been saturated by underperforming, highly promoted products – leading many people to believe that the best they could get was tinny sound, no bass, and limited upgrade options.

The goal at THX is, and has always been, to bring the best possible sound and video quality to the consumer. Speaker designs, build materials, components, amplifier power, and other factors have prevented smaller, less expensive systems from being able to pass the strict certification performance benchmarks.

With recent technology advancements in the audio world, THX has been able to develop a certification program, without lessening the criteria, for smaller systems that perform well above what their diminutive size would imply.

The Room

Now of course no small system could fill a big room, nor should it ever be asked to. Rather, the THX Compact Speaker System certification program is designed and engineered to power rooms up to 1,000 cu./ft. – for example, rooms that are approximately 13.5-feet long by 10-feet wide with 8-foot ceilings.

Just because the speakers power smaller rooms doesn’t mean the certification criteria isn’t asking them to do a lot. THX demands high output (up to 105 dB) with low distortion. In a radical change from many other small speakers, THX also requires a flat frequency response, just like all THX Certified speakers.

Understanding not all small rooms can fit a full surround sound system, the THX Compact Speaker System Certification program is flexible in that it will be found on 2.1 systems (two speakers and a sub) as well as up to 7.1 systems.

MK Sound M Series Speakers

The first THX Certified Compact Speaker System is based on the popular MK Sound M7. These speakers feature a two-way bookshelf design with 1-inch silk dome tweeters and a 4-inch polymer-coated pulp cone. Neodymium magnets drive the tweeters. Frequency response is 80 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 2 dB.

With the THX Certified Compact Speaker System program, it’s now possible to find speakers to fit any size room or application, from desktop systems (THX Certified Multimedia Products), to sound bars (THX Speaker Bar), to small-room integrated systems (THX I/S Plus Systems), to mid-sized (THX Select2) and large rooms (THX Ultra2).

For more information about the different Certification Performance Categories, click here.