Most Dad’s love gadgets. But the big question is, what’s the perfect gadget for Dad this Father’s Day?

The key is finding gadgety gear that has the right features and performance to match Dad’s habits – while at the same time, getting something that rocks. Don’t freak out, THX is here to help. When you buy a gadget that is THX Certified, you know that you have found the right combination of high-quality, powerful performance that is totally cool. Just look for the THX logo to point you in the right direction.

THX Certified Displays

Take TVs for example. THX Certified displays are available at a wide range of prices, and all offer excellent performance. What makes these TVs different? To achieve THX Certification each TV has to go through a rigorous design and laboratory testing process to ensure exceptional image quality and signal processing performance in your home theater.

LG Plasma and LED LCD Displays
LG’s LED LCDs are a great idea for the Dad that loves watching football or NASCAR on a Sunday afternoon. Their bright, accurate colors will bring out all the green turf and fiberglass bodies even on sunny days.
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Panasonic Plasma Displays
For the movie-lover Dad, Panasonic’s GT30 series is 3D-capable, offers lush, deep black levels and a contrast ratio that makes even 2D movies pop.
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THX Certified DVRs

THX Certified DVRs have reshaped the home entertainment experience, giving you the ultimate control over your TV viewing schedule. And, THX certification ensures both sound and video are captured, stored and played back with the clarity and vividness of the original broadcast signal.

TiVo Premiere XL
TiVo Premiere XL is much more than a DVR. It’s a cable box, a web box, a movie box and a music box – all wrapped into one intelligent, easy-to-use device. Dad can watch what he wants, when he wants. Not only that, it has Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Video on Demand – and it just happens to be THX Certified, ensuring the best audio and video quality performance.
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THX Certified Audio Gear

If Dad’s already got a big TV, help him enjoy the awesomeness of surround sound with some new audio equipment. And what better piece of gear to purchase than one that has been blessed by the brand that took the mind blowing sounds of the cinema and brought them home?

Onkyo Home Theater System
Onkyo’s THX Certified home theater in a box offers a cost-effective way to get an entire high-quality audio system, including all the bits and pieces needed to get running on Sunday.
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Onkyo AVRs
If he’s already got speakers he likes, modern receivers have a ton of new features worth checking out. Onkyo’s TX-NR609 has six HDMI inputs, is THX Select2 Plus Certified, has Marvell Qdeo video processing, plus built-in access to unlimited music via Pandora and Slacker.
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Logitech Multimedia Speakers
Or, how about the other end of the audio chain. Logitech’s Z906 speakers are small, self-powered, and deliver an epic desktop audio experience.
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Gifts that keep giving indeed, as these are gadgets the whole family can enjoy – but let’s let Dad use them every so often too.