How It Works

THX works with WiSA-Enabled products in a number of ways.

Approved by THX

The Approved By THX program helps product manufacturers and brands deliver premium entertainment experiences by approving key components used to build complete electronic devices or systems. Using Approved By THX components accelerates product development and time to market while minimizing the testing costs and engineering cycles necessary to achieve products that meet THX standards. THX worked with WiSA engineers to create a set of high-accuracy filters and functionality within the Rx (wireless receiver) modules. These Approved By THX WiSA wireless modules provide the manufacturer with advanced loudspeaker tuning capabilities.

Platin Monaco 5.1 Tuned by THX

Tuned by THX

Under the Tuned by THX program, THX engineers tune and optimize a product’s out-of-the-box performance, given its current hardware capabilities. Starting with Approved by THX WiSA modules, THX engineers take it a step further by adjusting  the built-in high-accuracy audio filters to ensure a well-balanced crossover design and frequency response for each speaker component. Tuned by THX calibrations of WiSA-enabled products maximize the system’s capabilities and audio performance.

THX Certified

The gold standard of audio video quality, THX Certification can also be found in WiSA-enabled speaker systems. In order for loudspeaker systems to be THX Certified, the system must pass hundreds of tests including frequency response, directivity and distortion. With THX Certified WiSA-enabled loudspeaker systems, you’ll hear dynamic, high performance audio with the convenience of wireless setup. Find out more about the difference between the THX offerings here. 

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