• THX Loudness Plus

THX Loudness Plus


Balanced Sound At Any Volume

THX Loudness Plus maintains the integrity of soundtracks when listening below Reference Level (0 db on the volume dial for THX Certified Receivers is equal to the studio Reference Level). Loudness Plus automatically and seamlessly compensates for the tonal and spatial shifts that occur when the volume level is reduced. By increasing the levels of the ambient sound, you experience the true high-fidelity audio of movies, music and games at any volume.

THX Loudness Plus Features

  • Delivers rich high-fidelity audio experiences in the car or home at any listening level
  • Uses multi-channel spectral balancing to adjust the level and frequency response to counter the perceived loss of low and high frequencies at lower volumes
  • Surround sound channel processing preserves the spatial detail lost as you lower the volume
  • Automatically shapes the output on surround channels to maintain the perceived balance in the original mix