THX® Spatial Audio will soon be available not only as an API for custom game-engines but also as dev-friendly plugins for:

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    Unity 2021.x

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    Unreal Engine 4.27

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    Wwise 2021.x


  1. Integrates best-in-class and cutting-edge spatial audio by using higher order ambisonics (HOA) and object-based rendering objects to ensure  true-to-life spherical audio and ambience.
  2. Provide users with a unique personalization solution, available an upgrade option from within the game, to capture and integrate their personal HRTF into the THX Spatial Audio experience.
  3. Gives developers a cross-platform audio solution that provides THX Spatial Audio rendering for games designed for PC and mobile devices as well as Oculus VR. We support games for PC (Win 10, Win11), Mac (OSX), and Android. Game consoles are not supported.
  4. THX Spatial Audio is designed to be rendered within the game, ensuring greater immersion without the need for latency inducing third party post-processing algorithms.
  5. THX Spatial Audio has been shown to reduce listener fatigue, ensuring longer, more comfortable game-play.
  6. Compatible with Unity, Unreal and WWise.

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