Why Live Music?

Live performances are intrinsic to THX’s mission to truthfully deliver the artist’s vision to audiences. We leverage our expertise in system design and acoustics to optimize state-of-the- art systems for large event spaces. Fans recognize THX for delivering a premium entertainment experience. If you’re a fan of an artist, you’ll become a fan of the THX Certified venue and live experience.

Why Certification Matters

Concert venues are complex environments that leave some seats with better sound than others. THX provides an independent analysis of the venue to determine how best to enhance the entertainment experience. We evaluate the system design, optimize its implementation, and verify the alignment of the acoustic systems to ensure seamless integration of the equipment and technologies.

After completing the THX Certification process, concert-goers can expect sound improvements such as a wider sweet spot (more consistent coverage), improvement to vocal quality playback (speech intelligibility, articulation, etc.), and a more consistent frequency response throughout the venue.

1. During the Show’s Design Process:

THX engineers review the audio system proposal and compare the system design to our engineering specifications. We work in conjunction with the show designers, sound engineers and equipment providers to establish the ideal system design and equipment package that meets the performance requirements of the artist.

Certification categories include:

  • Speaker Locations in Set Design

  • System Coverage

  • Power Bandwidth

  • SPL Uniformity

2. Before the Show:

THX reviews system installation and implementation to confirm that the tour performance goals have been met. We report our findings and work with the technical team to identify any potential outstanding issues and possible areas for improvement.

3. During the Show Run:

THX works with sound engineers to ensure a maintain consistent experience performances throughout the tour / residency runs via various feedback channels, e.g. on-site visits, show data, engineering reports, etc.