THX engineers complete hundreds of different scientifically-formulated tests to ensure the highest visual standards are achieved. Key tests in this program are as follows:

THX Certification testing in THX office


During action sequences, excessive motion on screen can cause image artifacts. THX optimized viewing modes make it easy to enjoy a high-quality experience. With THX Certified Projectors, we ensure images stay crisp and clear no matter how fast the action.


To accurately reflect the artist’s vision, primary and blended colors must first be reproduced with absolute precision to match the original source. We test to ensure images match the color, luminance, blacks and gamma found in the filmmaker’s studio.


Not all projectors light pictures evenly. With inferior models, the edges of the image are often duller than the center. THX Certified models are tested to ensure all areas of the image are uniformly sharp.

THX Certified Viewing Modes

Our optimized viewing modes allow your projector to perfectly and accurately recreate the mood and emotional impact of the creator’s vision.

THX Cinema Mode

Delivers a faithful rendition of film content to match the details and colors intended by the creator, while maximizing playback for cinema-quality performance in the home.


  • Studio Brightness and Color Levels
  • Correct White and Greyscale Performance
  • Removes Excessive Video Processing
  • Precise Color Gamut Limits


THX 4K Cinema/Movie Mode

Featured on all THX Certified 4K Projectors, this mode sets all the tone parameters and color optimizations for Ultra HD, UHD-HDR (High Dynamic Range), and Upconverted HD movies.

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