Experience THX for Home Theater and Beyond at the 42nd Annual Mill Valley Film Festival 

Join us at the San Rafael Filmmaker’s Lounge to see and hear the latest from THX. Learn how our technology preserves the filmmaker’s vision and translates the theater experience to your home and mobile devices.

In the thirty-six years since its inception, THX has progressed beyond cinema certification. We now certify consumer electronics and live entertainment experiences.  All of this continues to build on the THX mission: Deliver the artist’s vision and improve audio-visual quality everywhere. 

At Mill Valley Film Festival we will be demonstrating the guaranteed quality you can find in THX Certified TVs, speakers, laptops and headphones, as well as technology like THX Spatial Audio for immersive sound and THX AAA for low-distortion headphone listening.

Join us for happy hour at: 



1112 Fourth St

Oct 4th -12th

5pm -7pm

Also catch the new Deep Note trailer at screenings of THX sponsored film, Phil Tippett: Mad Dreams and Monsters

 Check out our Deep Note Trailer, Genesis, below:
THX Genensis Deep Note Trailer